11 Years of Beetroot — 11 Years of Impact

Growing economy, extending your impact

    • 500+ happy clients from 24 countries worldwide
    • Nearly $57 million of the total economic impact in 2022
    • R&D locations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and Sweden

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Build a sustainable tech team

  • The IT sector has been a progressively significant driver of economic growth in many countries. Engaging more people in tech, improving the standard of living in small and midsize cities, and supporting Ukraine and the free world in its fight for freedom are among our top priorities.

    Andreas Flodström,
    Co-Founder and CEO of Beetroot

Improving access to tech education, jump-starting careers

  • Launched in 2014 as Beetroot’s in-house project, today we are an independent EdTech company committed to making career development in the digital era easier and more affordable for everyone, everywhere.

    Dmytro Olaresko,
    CEO of Beetroot Academy

Take the next step in your tech career

    • Beetroot Academy educates about 5% of Ukraine’s new tech talent yearly
    • 70% of the Beetroot Academy graduates are successfully employed in Tech
    • 800+ people from vulnerable communities received scholarships in 2022

    See more stats in our report

Promoting gender equality, breaking bias

  • 62% of the Beetroot Academy graduates are women

  • 40% of Beetroot’s leadership team and 50% of the advisory council are women

  • 800+ tech course scholarships provided for people from vulnerable communities in 2022

  • We build and promote an environment where an open mindset, ongoing drive for learning, and personal responsibility are what matters, rather than one’s physical or social attributes. At Beetroot, we’re all different, but we have equal opportunities to grow on so many levels. Just go ahead and bring your whole self to work!

    Yuliia Gritsai,
    Sustainability Coordinator at Beetroot

Facilitating Tech for good, supporting well-being

  • At Beetroot, we work with impactful companies to change the world for the better. We love passion for work and we hate burnout. That’s why it’s essential for us to ensure an environment where a warm, home-like atmosphere meets an adequate challenge driving personal growth – that’s basic hygiene for us.

    Volodymyr Vovk,
    People Partner at Beetroot
  • Normative

    Normative helps businesses measure, analyze, and decrease their carbon footprint. Since 2014, the company has enabled their clients to avoid over 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

  • Milkywire

    Milkywire reinforces action for saving the planet by connecting donors around the world with grassroots environmental organizations via a simple and transparent donation platform.

  • Svea Solar

    Svea Solar is one of the leading solar providers in Europe that has been making renewable energy simple and affordable since 2014.

  • Bluecall

    Bluecall improves mental health in the workplace by enabling employees to anonymously call to or chat with a therapist through a mobile app.

  • Ceretai

    Ceretai provides insights on diversity and inclusion in audiovisual content through automated analysis supporting media houses in monitoring, reporting, and achieving their diversity goals.

  • Admentum

    Admentum helps teachers worldwide effectively assess and visualize student’s learning progress and mental health.

  • Abilia

    Abilia develops communication, cognition, and environmental control & alarm aids for people with disabilities.

  • GoFriendly

    GoFriendly connects women who want to foster their social life and meet new friends.

  • Be a part of a team that cares

Limiting our footprint, raising climate awareness

  • CO2

    neutral since 2020

  • 14%

    decrease in per-person CO2 emissions in 2022

  • 20,000+

    planted in Ukraine’s de-occupied regions on behalf of Beetroot

Upscale your GreenTech project

  • There is a well-known concept of the art of small steps. Beetroot inspires us to make this world a better place, to take our little steps towards significant improvements: rational consumption, recycling, caring for the environment.

    Nataliia Usachyk,
    Green Office Concept Manager at Beetroot

Standing for Ukraine, fighting inhumanity

  • In partnership with Ioca Arma Nostra, we created the Aid for Ukraine relief fund to help people affected by Russia’s terrorist war. Thanks to Beetroot’s network in Ukraine and a straight-to-the-point vetting process, we direct donations to grassroots aid projects, prioritizing those that support vulnerable families and children. Our aim is to have as high impact as possible per donated cent.

    Gustav Henman,
    Co-Founder of Beetroot
  • 8,000+ people have received support since March 2022

  • 50+ grassroots volunteer projects backed with $1,000-$10,000 micro-grants

  • 630+ Beetroot Academy scholarship for Ukrainian refugees

Creating a better tomorrow is easier together.

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