Aid for Ukraine

The “Aid for Ukraine — Beetroot Tech Relief” fund is a partnership between Swedish tech company Beetroot and non-profit foundation Ioca Arma Nostra, with the purpose to support Ukrainians who have had their lives thrown in turmoil by Russia’s war.

How do we help?

By donating to this fund, managed by Beetroot AB in Sweden, you help the following situations caused specifically by the war:

    • Evacuation and relocation to safer cities or countries
    • Personal emergencies, including medical/health issues, the loss of critical personal possessions and other essential needs that are difficult to preemptively define
    • Providing income security and project opportunities to people who are unable to continue their normal work

How do you donate?

We are able to accept donations through both Swedish and international channels.

  • Proceeds go to help families who, due to the war, are unable to continue working and earn an income. We do this primarily by engaging our wide network of contacts, developers, and other staff in tech-related relief efforts and tech projects that benefit families and young people in Ukraine. Efforts that affect particularly vulnerable families with children are given priority.

  • STEP 1

    Fill out this form to give us some more information about you — we will send you donor updates and, if you need, a donation receipt.

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  • STEP 3

    Make a donation using the bank information below.

Ioca Arma Nostra Fundraising Foundation

The Aid for Ukraine tech relief fund is managed by Beetroot AB and Alpcot AB through Ioca Arma Nostra

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    Bank account (SEB):
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    Swish by phone number:
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Thank you for your donation!

Together, we make a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Elena Pikhulya — Member of Ukrainian Yoga Association, Lviv

Shortly after the first invaders’ attacks, we transformed our Lviv yoga center into a refugee shelter. Here women, children, and senior citizens who we transfer from the Lviv railway station can rest, receive the necessary care and support to continue their journeys to safe places. Three rooms out of six serve co-living spaces. In addition, there are separate rooms for various activities that proved to be truly therapeutic for refugees, including self-defense and survival training, first-aid course, yoga, and dance classes for kids. The Aid for Ukraine fund helps us cover expenses on medicine, utilities, and equipment for a self-defense class. We also support the members of our community in the east of Ukraine, those struggling through the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian terrorist invasion.

Serhiy Nikitiuk – IT Project Manager, Vinnytsia

I’ve joined a group of volunteers from Day 1 [of the war]. Our first challenge was providing medicine and supplies for the Vinnytsia hospital. Since then, the hospital has been our primary focus, with a few more projects to follow. Those include creating kitchens in the refugee centers and providing food and supplies for transit shelters. In March, we’ve been hosting up to 150-200 people per night. We’re happy to collaborate with the Aid for Ukraine fund – your support enables us to increase the scope of our work and help more people in need.


Drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will endeavor to answer as quickly as possible. Things are pretty intense right now.