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Hire a ReactJS Developer: Because Your UI Deserves the Best

Count on Beetroot as your trusted partner for overcoming tech challenges. Hire dedicated ReactJS developers to create seamless, high-performance interfaces, and elevate your digital presence with us—whether starting from scratch or enhancing existing projects.

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Beetiful Faces of React Development

Meet just a few of our fantastic ReactJS developers.

  • Serhii N.

    Senior Javascript Developer, 8+ years of experience

    Node.js / React

    I’m a frontend developer with solid experience navigating the intricacies of web design and user interfaces. My days are filled with lines of code and the excitement of bringing digital visions to life. Beyond the tech realm, my heart lies with my amazing family—they’re my anchor and my biggest supporters. When the workweek winds down, I trade my keyboard for a football, indulging in a passion that’s been a part of my life for as long as coding.

    Start building your dream team

Why ReactJS?

Dependable data protection, adaptable architecture

ReactJS, a powerful JavaScript library, is a leading force in web development, steering interactive user interfaces for some of the most prominent websites and applications. Trusted by companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb, ReactJS offers an efficient and dynamic approach to building feature-rich web applications.

With its component-based architecture and virtual DOM, ReactJS empowers developers to create seamless and responsive user interfaces, providing an ideal solution for a wide range of web applications, from social media platforms to e-commerce sites.

As one of the dominant libraries in modern web development, ReactJS ensures scalability, catering to the needs of startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike. It enables you to reach a diverse online audience, from local markets to a global user base.

Offering customized flexibility and boundless scalability, ReactJS enables your business not only to adjust but to take the lead in the continually evolving digital landscape.

hire reactjs developers

Reasons to Hire a React Developer

A smart move for your business

When it comes to achieving your business goals, having a skilled React developer by your side is about more than just good coding. It’s about building a friendly and reliable tech partnership that gives you peace of mind and confidence in your web development projects.

Front-end development is essential. It’s the first thing your clients and customers see and interact with. A good developer doesn’t just understand code; they get your industry, know what your customers need, and grasp the unique aspects of your business. While freelancers have their strengths, they might not always offer the all-around expertise you’re looking for.

Opting to hire a dedicated ReactJS developer from Beetroot is a strategic business decision. Our experienced programmers enhance your production capabilities, bringing deep tech knowledge to critical areas such as web development, cybersecurity, and custom application solutions.

With Beetroot on your team, the complexity of your tech project becomes a non-issue. No matter how challenging or intricate your needs are, we’re equipped to deliver. We handle everything with care and expertise, ensuring that your project is not just completed, but done so in a way that aligns perfectly with your vision and business objectives.

How much does it cost to hire a ReactJS developer?

Programmer salaries vary based on experience and skills. Requests from entry-level specialists are typically budget-friendly, while hiring dedicated React developers at middle and senior levels incurs higher charges.

Additionally, hiring and employment costs depend on factors such as location, role, and type of cooperation.

Freelance ReactJS Developers Rates

Upwork reports varying hourly rates for freelance ReactJS developers based on location. Hiring a React programmer from North America or Western Europe may cost between $80 and $135 per hour, while rates in Eastern Europe and Asia are more budget-friendly, ranging from $37 to $57 per hour.

Rates can fluctuate within a region based on factors like experience, skills, and project complexity. Some freelancers may opt for a fixed project fee over an hourly rate.

Pros and Cons of Hiring ReactJS Freelancers

  • Pros

    • Quick availability: Freelancers are often available for immediate engagement, reducing the time required for recruitment and onboarding.
    • Reduced overhead: Save on overhead costs associated with full-time employment, such as office space, equipment, and benefits.
    • Scalability: Easily scale your team up or down based on project requirements, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing workloads.
    • Diverse talent pool: Access a diverse pool of ReactJS talent from various geographical locations, allowing you to find the right fit for your project.
  • Cons

    • Dependency on individuals: Relying on a single freelancer can pose risks if they face unforeseen circumstances or decide to discontinue the project.
    • Quality consistency: Quality may vary as freelancers operate independently, and there’s no standardized quality control compared to in-house teams.
    • Security concerns: Sharing sensitive project information with freelancers can raise security concerns, and protecting intellectual property may be more challenging.
    • Limited skill set: While specialized, freelancers might have a limited skill set compared to a diverse in-house team, especially in handling broader project requirements.
    • Risk of unavailability: Freelancers might not be available for ongoing support and maintenance, potentially leaving you in a challenging situation post-project completion.
    • Communication challenges: Remote collaboration may lead to communication challenges, impacting the clarity of project requirements and updates.
    • Dependency on reputation: Relying on a freelancer’s reputation can be risky, as their circumstances and work quality may change over time.
    • Project management: Coordinating and managing freelancers can require additional effort, particularly if multiple freelancers are involved in a single project.

How to Hire a ReactJS Developer with a Reliable Tech Partner

Opting to hire ReactJS developers through a tech company is a strategic move, streamlining production and establishing a reliable tech back office. While it might not be immediately apparent, this method often proves to be cost-effective, as it leverages the extended flexibility and cross-domain expertise of a dedicated tech partner to optimize resources and reduce overall expenses.

For instance, Beetroot can help you onboard junior, middle, and senior developers with costs starting from $2,550 per month. It’s essential to note that the exact costs will depend on your specific project requirements.

Let’s find you a great ReactJS developer

  • Junior

    Our Junior developers have several projects under their belts and are very capable of holding their own.


    $180 / day
    $2550 / month

  • Middle

    A Middle developer borders the Senior, with solid knowledge and experience. This enables the developer to make informed decisions and accurately drive processes.


    $290 / day
    $4150 / month

  • Senior

    Our most senior developers know React inside-out, and work well in advisory roles. Complex and technically challenging projects will engage a senior developer.


    $435 / day
    $6200 / month

Benefits and Challenges of Hiring React Developers with a Tech Partner

  • Benefits

    • Streamlined recruitment process: Beetroot handles the recruitment process, saving you time and effort in finding the right talent.
    • Flexible team scaling: Easily scale your React development team up or down based on project requirements with Beetroot.
    • Cost-effective solutions: We provide cost-effective hiring solutions, often more affordable than managing an in-house team.
    • Seamless team integration: Beetroot ensures seamless integration of React developers into your existing workflow and project structure.
    • Project continuity: Mitigate risks related to developer turnover, ensuring project continuity even if a team member changes.
    • Proactive tech support: Receive reliable support and guidance throughout the development lifecycle.
    • Adaptability to industry trends: Stay ahead of the latest industry trends and best practices with a tech partner invested in continuous learning.
    • Focused business objectives: Free up your time to concentrate on core business objectives while the tech partner manages the development aspects.
    • Comprehensive development solutions: Beyond ReactJS coding, Beetroot offers smart solutions for a holistic approach.
    • Long-term resilience: Beetroot covers every stage of the tech solution process.
  • Challenges

    • Potentially higher costs: While teaming up with a tech partner may involve higher expenses compared to hiring a freelancer, these additional costs come with valuable extra services. These services include tailored recruitment, support for team expansion, and retention. This approach is often more cost-effective than bringing in-house tech experts on board, as the tech company manages all administrative overhead.
    • Potential cultural misfit: Collaborating with offshore vendors can pose challenges due to differences in mindset and business culture. However, by choosing to work with Beetroot, you can rely on our people-first organizational culture ensuring smooth collaborations with 200+ clients from all over the world and 60% of our business being customer-referred.

ReactJS vs. Angular vs. Vue.js vs. Ember.js

When hiring ReactJS developers from Beetroot, you bring on board versatile specialists excelling in Single Page Applications (SPAs) for a seamless user experience. React’s scalability suits large, complex applications with modular structures, component reusability, and state management like Redux for extensive project development. Its efficient virtual DOM handling allows real-time updates, ideal for dynamic content changes without full page reloads.

For businesses, hiring a ReactJS programmer is often more cost-effective than exploring alternatives, with initial costs slightly higher but justified by their expertise.

Angular excels in building large-scale, complex applications with TypeScript support for maintainability. Vue.js suits projects emphasizing simplicity and ease of integration, appealing to developers of varying skill levels with its straightforward syntax and flexible design. Ember.js, ideal for teams valuing convention over configuration, streamlines development through strong conventions for a standardized project structure.

Ultimately, the choice between Angular, Vue.js, and React should align with your project’s goals, requirements, and your development team’s preferences. Consider factors like project size, complexity, learning curve, and existing expertise when deciding.

Why Hire a React Developer with Beetroot?

Now you can have a development partner that treats your company’s reputation as its own.

Let’s assemble your ideal React development team!

  • Expertise Beyond React Coding

    With a rich history of successfully delivering over 1,000 projects to more than 250 global clients, Beetroot goes beyond being merely your ReactJS coding partner; we are your holistic development solutions provider. Our dedicated team remains current with the latest industry trends and adheres to best programming practices, ensuring the sustained growth of your business.

  • Cultural Synergy

    Recognizing the paramount importance of clear communication and collaborative teamwork, Beetroot, rooted in Sweden, strategically established development centers across Europe and Vietnam. This deliberate setup along with our strong organizational culture ensure round-the-clock support, fostering a seamless collaboration process for the success of your project.

  • Productive Team Environment

    We understand that a healthy team environment is fundamental to project success. Leveraging our extensive experience, we’ve fine-tuned HR processes to facilitate synergy, connectivity, and productivity within your ReactJS development team. With Beetroot’s support, your team can concentrate on their core strengths, delivering exceptional results without unnecessary hurdles.

  • Cross-Domain Experience

    Our React developers bring a wealth of cross-domain experience, ensuring a nuanced understanding of diverse industries. This versatility results in customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with unique business needs providing exceptional user experiences.

  • Ecosystem Advantage

    Beetroot’s ecosystem extends beyond development, encompassing tech consultancy, Beetroot Academy, and a broad network of development partners. This comprehensive approach ensures the long-term resilience of your business, covering every stage of the tech solution process — from product building tech team upskilling.

Success Stories of Hiring React Developers

We are a reliable development partner committed to keeping our promises. Client projects are kept confidential under NDA until explicit permission is granted. As a result, only a select few are showcased here.

Hire your perfect ReactJS developer with Beetroot

  • Hospi Housing

    Hospi Housing, a Netherlands-based tech startup, addresses the challenges in the Dutch housing market by connecting owners of unused rooms with those seeking space. The Beetroot developers streamlined the app matching flow from 27 to 3 steps, reducing overall engagement per match from 6 hours to 1 hour. This efficiency supports the client’s growth goals.

Reviews on Hiring React Developers with Beetroot

Explore insights from our clients to get a glimpse of the value and benefits awaiting you in a partnership with us.

  • This team has proven to be the best team I’ve ever worked with. It is characterized by very strong technical knowledge, understanding of business objectives and commercial output, the willingness to ALWAYS get the job done and walk the extra mile if needed, the ability to work independently without much guidance and fully owing a task or project, the willingness to learn new technologies and industries, to manage the balance when old projects must be maintained and new ones are to be developed.

    COO at the travel technology company