Custom made IT solutions for different industries and clients - small businesses or enterprises

We help you realize your software product vision

If you are looking for a full, custom software solution, Beetroot’s combination of strong in-house expertise and a vast network of hyper-specialized development teams is your competitive advantage. In this business model, our developers work on a project basis to deliver great ideas, effective design, fast development and a touch of our unique culture.

a range of services - from business application development services to consulting and IT project management
a range of services - from business application development services to consulting and IT project management

From websites to mobile apps and complex server software

Working with us is a joint venture. We’ll partner up with you to create your MVP, WordPress websites, an ambitious mobile application, or anything else that builds on high quality development. We have enough breadth to figure out nearly any specification and software development solution.

Full customized applications development

We provide a turn-key solution with minimum boilerplate on your end

Affordable pricing for custom business software development

Predictable, streamlined costs per agreed specifications

small business software development services during peak demands

Easily scalable to accomodate peak demand – perfect when your team is too busy to take on more work




Before getting down to actual development, we need to map out the initial scope and idea. We need to discover what the true needs and goal are, so that we can plan costs and set a timeline.



Once you have provided a specification, or we have developed one together, our production experts start developing the actual product according to our plan and agreed-on process. We work with a fixed price or by T&M, depending on your preference and needs.


Manual QA
Automated QA

If there’s one thing that gets on our nerves, it’s inadequate testing and feedback. In most projects, we combine manual and automated QA, and aim to have a strong feedback dialogue with you to ensure bulletproof software.


App Store

Beetroot stands ready to help you with any DevOps-related processes when the product is ready to go live. We can help you publish your app in the App Store, deploy it to the specified servers, or as otherwise required.