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From tech assistance during intensity peaks to building end-to-end custom software solutions, we help startups and established brands expand the reach of their business and scale sustainably.

Top-quality code. Fast team sourcing. Stress-free communication.

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What if the development of a SaaS platform or mobile app was no longer a choice between quality and fair time-to-market? With Beetroot, you get both. And more.

  • Intelligent custom software engineering
  • Quick and flexible team sourcing
  • Engaged partner approach
  • Healthy communication

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What our clients say

See the reviews of fellow startup owners and tech executives to set some expectations of the collaboration with Beetroot.

  • Everyone was very helpful, you could approach the developers directly and ask questions. Changing something throughout the process was never a problem and they always tried to make sure that everyone we required was there. Especially in the aftercare, fixing the last bugs was very fast and they went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied.

    Maurits Barendregt,
    Founder & CTO of Hospi Housing
  • We needed someone to take our dream and make it a reality, so we asked Beetroot to develop our platform. Everything was swift. Beetroot answered my inquiry right away, and we had a meeting one day after I approached them. We felt that they would be 100% committed to our project, and they seemed very professional, so we thought they’d be the best choice for us. Also, the cost was very attractive.

    Dana Gonen,
    Product Manager of Child Nutrition Platform
  • I would definitely recommend working with Beetroot if you have the same technical needs as we do. The team delivers exceptional, high-quality results right on time. My advice would be to set up a call and talk through whatever work you have. I think Beetroot will solve the problem.

    Adam Wamai Egesa,
    Co-Founder and CTO at Normative
  • Beetroot has managed the process really well and delivered what they promised. There’s a lot of transparency in working with the team. They’re realistic about what we can expect, and they’ve tailored the product to our needs.

    Gautham Ramachandra,
    Restoration Ecologist at Land Life
  • They are on top of everything: from invoice breakdowns to solving any issues that may arise. They are willing to invest in new aspects of their business to strengthen the partnership they have with us. Beetroot is far beyond other agencies we have worked with from a skill, communication and issue resolution perspective.

    Kelly Ostrowercha,
    Director of Project Operations at Briteweb

Why Beetroot?

Check some of the main reasons tech leaders and non-tech startup founders choose us for their custom software development solutions.

  • Quick help where you need it

    From MVP buildout to successful product launch, you can count on our expert assistance and direct communication at any stage of your project development.

  • Predictable, streamlined costs

    Expect a reliable, predictable workflow and a reasonable cost based on our agreed specification, with enough room for exploring new features and ideas should you need them.

  • Sustainability in work

    Our focus on a healthy work environment and empathic communication creates a genuinely problem-solving and creative-thinking atmosphere while we collaborate on your software project.

  • Flexible scaling

    If the course of your software project changes, we will adequately scale your development team up or down, ensuring the alignment with your budget and goals stands.

  • Geo & Cultural Proximity

    Our clients often admit the value of being “on the same wave” with the Beetroot team for their product’s success. As a nearshore software company, we ensure that no clash of cultures disrupts your project.

  • Broad access to various skill sets

    With a vast network of development locations in Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, we have enough breadth to fulfill virtually any specification and software development solution using any programming language including Python, React, Flutter, and Angular.

We don’t just build your software product - we expertly guide it towards success

  • Discovery

    We’ll start your project with a collaborative discovery process to map out the scope, plan costs, and set a timeline. Our tech experts will challenge the initial assumptions and provide consulting along the way, should you request it.

  • Production

    Once you have provided a specification or developed one with us, we’ll build a product engineering team tailored to fulfill it most efficiently. With a T&M pricing model and no minimum project duration, your capacity control is as precise as it can be.

  • Testing

    Our quality assurance engineers combine manual and automated QA for most projects. In line with our partner attitude, we aim for an effective feedback dialogue to ensure bulletproof software.

  • Delivery

    Beetroot stands ready to help you with any DevOps-related processes when the product goes live. We will help you publish your app in the App Store or deploy it to the specified servers or as otherwise required.

Start growing now

Companies like yours have trusted Beetroot to solve all kinds of development challenges for over a decade. Let’s see how we can help you achieve your goals faster and more sustainably!