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Hire a Python Developer: Turning Your Vision into Code

Whether you’re looking to hire a Python engineer to tackle a critical project or want to onboard highly skilled remote Python developers to strengthen your in-house team, Beetroot is your trusted partner in building excellence.

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Beetiful Faces of Python

Meet just a few of our fantastic Python developers.

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    Python, Django, GraphQL

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Why Python?

Cross-Platform compatibility and scalability
python development

Python is ranking as the third most used programming language worldwide, according to the Stack Overflow survey. This widespread popularity translates into a large and active developer community, ensuring a wealth of resources, libraries, and expertise at your disposal.

Its open-source nature, backed by the Python Software Foundation, not only fosters innovation but also enhances security, resulting in fewer errors and bugs in your projects.

Furthermore, Python is exceptionally cost-efficient. As an open-source language, it eliminates the need for expensive licensing fees, reducing project costs significantly. This cost-effectiveness makes Python an ideal choice for businesses looking to maximize their development budget.

In addition, Python’s quick development capabilities and its seamless integration of object-oriented programming with dynamic web development make it a versatile and powerful tool. Whether you’re building e-commerce platforms, corporate portals, or social networking sites, Python excels in producing fast, reliable, secure, scalable, and robust solutions.

hiring python developers

Reasons to hire Python developers

Coding the shortcut to your objectives

What distinguishes a great backend from a mediocre one? A robust backend efficiently addresses your business’s tasks using software tools. Consequently, your business requires an experienced Python developer who can lay the groundwork for the program, application, or website you require.

The success of your entire project hinges on the quality of the backend. Therefore, entrusting this crucial aspect to freelancers may be shortsighted.

However, when you engage a dedicated Python developer through Beetroot, it’s akin to discovering the missing piece of the puzzle. Our seasoned Python programmers enhance your team’s capabilities by providing deep technical expertise. Whether it’s web applications, data analysis, machine learning, or automation, Beetroot is the key to your solution.

Trust our developers to bring your vision to life. Simply define your objectives, and we’ll guarantee their achievement.

How much does it cost to hire dedicated Python developers?

Salaries for Python developers vary due to several factors. Primary determinants include experience and skills. Another critical factor is the scope of the project; developers working on complex custom Python solutions typically command higher salaries.

Geographic location also plays a significant role, with hiring costs adjusting to local standards. Additionally, employment type, whether freelance or in-house, also matters.

Freelance Python Developers Rates

As per insights from Upwork, a prominent hub for engaging freelance talent, the average hourly rates for Python developers in the freelance realm exhibit variability based on geographical location. To provide some context, in North America and Western Europe, one can anticipate average hourly rates spanning from $40 to $95. Conversely, in Eastern Europe and Asia, these rates generally range between $15 and $35 per hour.

These numbers further fluctuate within a particular region, contingent on factors such as an individual’s level of expertise, their skillset, and the intricacy of the undertaken project. Moreover, some freelancers may prefer to quote a fixed project fee as opposed to an hourly rate, adding another layer of flexibility to the freelance landscape.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Python Freelancers

  • Pros

    • Cost Efficiency: Lower hourly rates or project fees compared to hiring full-time employees
    • Quick Turnaround: Shorter lead times allow for faster project completion than traditional hiring processes
    • Reduced Overhead: No need to provide office space, equipment, or benefits to freelancers, thereby cutting overhead costs
    • No Long-Term Commitment: Engage freelancers for short-term projects without long-term employment contracts
  • Cons

    • Limited engagement: Potential lack of support after project completion
    • Communication сhallenges: If there are language or time zone differences, miscommunication can occur
    • Lack of loyalty: Freelancers may not have the same level of loyalty and commitment to your company’s goals
    • Quality variability: there’s a risk of inconsistent quality in freelancers work
    • Intellectual property concerns: Clarifying ownership of intellectual property rights can be more complex
    • Limited integration: Freelancers may not fully understand your company’s culture or values
    • Security risks: Sharing sensitive data with freelancers can pose security risks if proper precautions are not taken

How to Hire Python Developers with a White-Label Tech Partner

Considering Python developers hiring through a tech company can be a strategic move to optimize your production processes and establish a dependable tech back office for long-term success. This approach also proves to be cost-effective.

For instance, Beetroot offers the opportunity to recruit junior, mid-level, and senior Python developers who are well-versed in business workflows. Costs for these professionals can range from $800 to $11,000 per month, depending on the specific needs of your project.

Let’s find you a great Python developer

  • Junior

    Our Junior developers have several projects under their belts and are very capable of holding their own.


    $2550 / month

  • Middle

    A Middle developer borders the Senior, with solid knowledge and experience. This enables the developer to make informed decisions and accurately drive processes.


    $4150 / month

  • Senior

    Our most senior developers know Python inside-out, and work well in advisory roles. Complex and technically challenging projects will engage a senior developer.


    $6200 / month

Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Python Developers with a Tech Partner

  • Benefits

    • Access to a Global Talent Pool: A diverse pool of Python developers from around the world offers you the ability to find the right talent with the skills and expertise you need.
    • Cost Savings: Achieve cost-effectiveness when compared with hiring in-house developers, enabling you to benefit from lower labor costs in different regions.
    • Faster Time to Market: Experienced tech partners excel in efficiently delivering projects, resulting in quicker development and product launches.
    • Scalability: Enjoy the ability to easily scale your development team up or down based on project needs, providing flexibility in resource allocation.
    • Specialized Expertise: Tech partners often possess developers with specialized knowledge in Python and related technologies, ensuring the delivery of high-quality work and innovative solutions.
    • Focus on Core Business: Delegating Python development to a tech partner frees up your internal resources to concentrate on your core business activities.
  • Challenges

    • Higher costs compared to freelancers. Working with an outsourcing partner will generally cost more than choosing a freelancer. However, it comes with several additional services, ranging from tailored recruitment to assistance with team scaling and retention, and is often significantly more affordable than hiring in-house tech specialists since the outstaffing company covers all administrative expenses.
    • Communication lags. Sometimes, companies may experience communication problems due to intermediaries between the client and the Python developers, but encouraging direct contact between clients and programmers can help minimize this drawback.

Python vs. Java vs. Rust vs. Golang

Choosing to hire Python web developers proves to be a more cost-effective option when compared to engaging Java, Rust, or Golang developers. This is primarily due to Python’s widespread popularity and the availability of a larger pool of specialized professionals. The extensive Python community further enhances this advantage by offering abundant resources that effectively reduce both development time and associated costs.

Data from Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter highlights a significant disparity in annual salaries between these roles in the United States. Java developers command an average annual salary of approximately $113,000. However, it’s important to note that while Java may serve as a potential replacement for Python in specific projects, it may not cover the entirety of diverse task scopes. On the other hand, Rust developers command a notably higher average annual salary, averaging around $144,000. Similarly, Golang developers can expect to earn an impressive average yearly salary, reaching nearly $168,000.

Why hire Python developers with Beetroot?

Now you can have a development partner that treats your company’s reputation as its own.

Let’s assemble your ideal software development team now!

  • High-Skilled Developers

    Beetroot has been a trusted partner to over 250 clients worldwide, with a track record of 1,000+ successful deliveries. Our team is genuinely devoted to Python, staying atop the latest global trends and adhering to best programming practices. When you choose Beetroot, you can count on having access to some of the industry’s best developers.

  • More Than Python Coders

    We are your development solutions partner, offering expertise beyond Python to meet your comprehensive development needs. We approach every project proactively with one goal: growing your business sustainably.

  • Cultural Proximity

    We understand the importance of communication and collaboration. With Swedish roots and a vast network of development locations across Europe, we ensure your project runs smoothly, bridging any cultural differences.

  • Healthy Team Environment

    Successful projects thrive on strong team integration. Our HR processes are tailored to keep your Python development team integrated, well-connected, and productive in the long run. With our support, your team can focus on delivering outstanding results.

  • Precise Alignment

    Beetroot developers bring solid experience collaborating with creative, marketing, and digital agencies, granting them a profound understanding of company workflows. We adapt to your in-house standards with a personalized approach, ensuring results that align with your brand.

  • Trusted Tech Partner

    We are committed to enhancing your reputation with every Python product we create. We take pride in delivering outstanding results and ensuring responsible deadline management with lightning-fast, transparent communication at every project stage.

Case studies: Hiring Python Developers for Clients Worldwide

Due to NDA, we can only display some of our client projects here. Still, they give a good idea of what cooperation with Beetroot is about.

Hire your perfect Python developer with Beetroot

  • Hydrogen Pro

    Beetroot assisted Hydrogen Pro, a ClimateTech leader, in refining their manufacturing processes. Our dedicated team’s impact encompasses increased customer satisfaction, improved traceability and data integrity, enhanced project and budget management, and a rapid response time crucial for manufacturing process efficiency. These focal points have delivered a robust AI-powered factory management system.

Reviews on hiring Python Developers with Beetroot

While we can’t showcase our clients’ projects due to NDA, we have received numerous positive customer reviews that can give you a clear understanding of what to expect from our collaboration.

  • Beetroot has managed the process really well and delivered what they promised. There’s a lot of transparency in working with the team. They’re realistic about what we can expect, and they’ve tailored the product to our needs.

    Gautham Ramachandra,
    Restoration Ecologist at Land Life