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    • Backend
    • CMS
    • Devops
    • Frontend
    • Full-Stack
    • Mobile
    • QA

  • Anton K.

    Senior Front-end Developer, 10+ years of experience

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  • $28/h

    Quan T.

    Senior Front-End Developer, 7+ years of experience
    Skilled in various technologies; eager to tackle international projects.
    • JS: (React / Angular / Vue)
    • Wordpress, Shopify

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  • $22/h

    Huy T.

    Full-Stack Developer, 10+ years of experience
    Passionate about coding and tech research; prefers freelancing for flexibility and travel.
    • Full-Stack
    • JS/TS: Node.js, Next

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  • $18/h

    Tuan N.

    Java Developer, 8+ years of experience
    Comprehensive experience, team-oriented, excels in problem-solving.
    • Java / Kotlin

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hiring programmer
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Behind the scenes: Vetting excellent startups software engineers

  • Initial candidate screening by recruiters

    • Evaluation of soft skills
    • Assessment of English proficiency
    • Grading & Feedback provision
  • Technical screening by Tech Leads

    • Assessment of hard skills via a skills matrix
    • Grading & Feedback provision
  • Curating a dynamic talent database

    • A comprehensive database of candidates who have successfully passed previous stages
    • Regular updates to maintain a pool of ready-to-hire, skilled developers

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