Turboscale your business with top-notch remote developers from Vietnam

Hire remote software developers in Vietnam to leverage high-quality development services at a fraction of the cost. Connect with diverse and skilled talent to optimize resource allocation, maximizing your company’s operational efficiency and ROI.

Top 2% of Southeast Asia's best developers are within reach

Why software outsourcing to Vietnam?

Setting up a team of highly qualified software developers from Vietnam offers multiple advantages, competitive with the Western markets:

  • Technical prowess

    Software engineers in Vietnam are highly skilled in diverse programming languages, including Java, ASP .NET, PHP, Golang, JavaScript, and Python, and keep abreast of the latest technologies, such as blockchain, AI/ML, and data analytics.

  • Excellent quality/price ratio

    Vietnam is arguably one of the most affordable options in the industry to hire skilled software engineers, making it the top choice for companies looking to outsource their development needs while maintaining high-quality technical expertise.

  • Young and well-educated talent

    Vietnam has a golden population structure, with 69% of citizens belonging to the working-age group. Vietnam’s education system highly prioritizes STEM courses, and around 50,000 students graduate with IT majors yearly.

  • Strong work ethic & social skills

    Vietnamese culture values hard work and dedication, which translates into a solid work ethic among software engineers. While some cultural differences exist, Vietnamese developers adjust well to Western work environments.

  • English proficiency

    English learning is a priority in Vietnam, with rising proficiency among young IT experts and language competency becoming a must-have in the industry. Vietnamese developers ranked 13th in Asia and 58th worldwide in the EF English Proficiency Index.

A buzzing outsourcing location in Southeast Asia

IT development haven: Vietnam
  • Time zone: UTC +7 — enabling round-the-clock development cycles
  • A more affordable alternative to Eastern Europe for clients in the Asia Pacific
  • Home of regional offices of multinational tech giants, including Samsung, HP, IBM, and Intel
  • One of the most connected countries in the world by number of Internet users
  • A developed cloud technology infrastructure: 39 service providers and 27 data centers with over 270,000 servers
  • Governmental support of the ICT sector through a National Digital Transformation program
  • Low cost of living, social stability, and hospitable culture
  • Direct and established access to curated software developers via the Beetroot location

Hire in Vietnam

Venture into the fastest-growing IT scene in the region

Key market strengths
  • 98 956 000


  • 430 000

    Tech professionals

  • #7 top location

    for IT outsourcing in Kearney’s 2023 GSLI

Some core tech expertise on demand available in Vietnam:

  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • Objective-C
  • MongoDB
  • System test

What our clients say

See some of the reviews of fellow business owners and tech executives to set some expectations for your future cooperation with Beetroot.

  • Beetroot AB’s teammates’ success rate is at the same level as our local recruitment. The dedicated team members Beetroot AB provides operate within our team structure, so we handle the project management. When it comes to consultancy projects, their project management has been good; they’ve met the timeline targets, and their organization has worked well.

    Hans Fredrik Unelsrød,
    CTO at Inspera AS

Why Beetroot?

Beetroot offers an established, customized talent sourcing and qualification process tailored to your needs, whether you aim to get a tech solution fast or engage a dedicated unit that feels like in-house. Benefits include:

  • Access to diverse talent markets

    In addition to a broad network of development houses in Central and Eastern Europe, Beetroot has an established L&D location in Vietnam, allowing you to optimize your resource allocation and focus on core business activities while obtaining cost-effective and reliable development services.

  • Cost-efficiency and quality perspective

    Engaging remote software developers in multiple locations allows businesses to access top-tier, high-quality development services at an optimal budget. This approach is especially beneficial for startups and mid-sized entities aiming to optimize costs without sacrificing quality.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    Hire remote software developers in Vietnam to effortlessly scale your development team up or down according to project requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

  • Focus on team longevity

    At Beetroot, we value a healthy work setting and understanding communication as keys to creativity and problem-solving. We work closely with you on your software needs, blending agility with sustainability.

Build your next-gen tech team in Vietnam today

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