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We champion the business perspective, taking a complex process from its initial preparation and planning through to execution and hand-over

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Project Management Services We champion the business perspective, taking a…

Projects as a way of working

Having a common definition of success is important as this can affect how project budget and resources are used. Our project managers come with long-standing experience in providing IT project management services and truly understand the challenges with complex projects.

Our idea of project management

Beetroot offers strategy and hands-on support during each stage of the project.

Our idea of project management
  • Initiating

    Brainstorming sessions, interviews, prototyping, and requirements workshops will assist with determining the shareholders’ needs.

  • Planning

    Definition of delivery objects, work methodology (agile or waterfall?) and the establishment of an overall time & resource plan. This is important since, for an example, a resource availability delay could affect future results and delay project revenue.

  • Executing

    Having an effective communication plan in combination with a purpose-driven reporting structure, will help keep stakeholders up to date and improve the fundamental workflow of the project.

  • Monitoring & Controlling

    Making sure that the project delivers according to plan requires structured quality assurance, change management and a process around keeping the right people involved at the right time – with the right access.

  • Closing

    The last 1% of the project often takes 10% of the time. At this point, deliverables are handed over to operations and post-project ROI is continuously tracked and analyzed. It is also important to handhold the post-launch acceptance process to ensure adoption and purpose fit.

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