Project management

We champion the business perspective, taking a complex process from its initial preparation and planning through to execution and hand-over

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Project management We champion the business perspective, taking a complex…

Projects as a way of working

Having a common definition of success is important as this can affect how project budget and resources are used. Our project managers come with long-standing experience in providing IT project management services and truly understand the challenges with complex projects.

Our idea of project management

Beetroot offers strategy and hands-on support during each stage of the project.

Our idea of project management
  • Initiating

    Brainstorming sessions, interviews, prototyping, and requirements workshops will assist with determining the shareholders’ needs.

  • Planning

    Definition of delivery objects, work methodology (agile or waterfall?) and the establishment of an overall time & resource plan. This is important since, for an example, a resource availability delay could affect future results and delay project revenue.

  • Executing

    Having an effective communication plan in combination with a purpose-driven reporting structure, will help keep stakeholders up to date and improve the fundamental workflow of the project.

  • Monitoring & Controlling

    Making sure that the project delivers according to plan requires structured quality assurance, change management and a process around keeping the right people involved at the right time – with the right access.

  • Closing

    The last 1% of the project often takes 10% of the time. At this point, deliverables are handed over to operations and post-project ROI is continuously tracked and analyzed. It is also important to handhold the post-launch acceptance process to ensure adoption and purpose fit.

We've got you covered

What do our clients say?

We contacted Beetroot to develop an e-learning platform. We had high project ambitions, but Beetroot met our every need. The team is professional, effective and have always gone the extra mile. We have continued our collaboration and are adding new functions to our platform every month.

Oskar Forsgren, Project Manager

Beetroot has been such a pleasure to work with. They quickly and fairly solve any issues we may have. The developers are highly skilled and hard-working. From a client satisfaction standpoint, the cooperation and dedicated resources have done so much to improve our ticket processes and quickly meet our project needs.

Kelly Ostrowercha, Director of Project Operations

I’ve outsourced 75–80% of my development work to Beetroot AB. This has allowed me to pay more attention to my clients and build stronger relationships, making me a better account manager. Beetroot AB’s deliverables are functional and reliable.

Jan Willem Hoogstraten, Director

They are super responsive, answered all of my questions, and are extremely bright and ambitious. They are doing a great job and we are super happy. It’s as if we’re working with an in-house team. While some CEOs see outsourced teams as exoskeletons, our cooperation is completely different. We treat them with respect and strive to work well together.

Leo Berghald, CEO

I would recommend Beetroot without thinking twice. Every time we had a new project, I wanted to keep the same developers. Stability and long-term cooperation was something I desired. I suggest you visit their office and treat them the same as your in-house employees.

Avi Danon, CEO

Beetroot helped us scale a reliable team of full-stack & desktop developers as well as QA personnel. They also assisted us with an internal mobile app project, which we didn’t have the resources to accomplish. We’ve been happy with the speed at which Beetroot recruited skilled developers and their professionalism. The team has exceeded our expectations in both communication and delivery aspects.

Hans Fredrik Unelsrød, CTO