Hire top-tier Bulgarian developers to scale your project capacity

Bulgaria is a hotspot for engineering prowess and a go-to outsourcing destination for software development. Hire dedicated developers in Bulgaria with Beetroot, your reliable partner for strategic team scaling and impactful tech solutions.

World-class talent right within your reach

Why hire dedicated developers in Bulgaria?

Collaborating with dedicated software developers from Bulgaria offers a range of benefits for your business:

  • Technical excellence

    Bulgarian developers are renowned for their innovative thinking and technical acumen, skilled in Java, Python, and C++, and well-versed in cloud computing, database development, and software engineering.

  • Cost efficiency

    By collaborating with Bulgarian developers, you will benefit from a more favorable cost structure than other tech hubs, allowing you to optimize your budget and maximize ROI without sacrificing quality.

  • Cultural similarities

    Bulgaria’s proximity to major European markets guarantees high cultural compatibility, enabling any business to integrate Bulgarian devs into their existing teams smoothly.

  • Solid work ethic

    Bulgarian culture blends a strong work ethic with a collaborative spirit, so when partnering with Bulgarian talent, you enter a professional relationship built on shared values and goals.

  • English proficiency

    Bulgaria ranks #16 in the EF English Proficiency Index, promising no language barriers between local talent and foreign business owners.

Strategic location in Southern Europe

Outsourcing to Bulgaria
  • Time zone UTC +2 & availability during standard office hours
  • Short flight distance to major capital cities
  • Business connections to both the East and the West
  • Numerous R&D offices of global tech giants, including HP, Cisco, Oracle, and SAP
  • Vibrant Beetroot Bulgaria location in Sofia
  • Stable economic environment
  • An EU Member since 2007, a NATO member since 2004
  • Currency tied to EUR

Hire in Bulgaria

Get access to the booming IT ecosystem in Bulgaria

Key market strengths
  • 6 878 000


  • 110 000

    Tech professionals

  • #25 best

    global outsourcing destination in Kearney’s 2023 GSLI

Some core tech expertise on demand available in Bulgaria:

  • React / NodeJS
  • .NET
  • Data Engineers
  • DevOps
  • QA

What our clients say

See some of the reviews of fellow business owners and tech executives to set some expectations for your future cooperation with Beetroot.

  • Everyone was very helpful, you could approach the developers directly and ask questions. Changing something throughout the process was never a problem and they always tried to make sure that everyone we required was there. Especially in the aftercare, fixing the last bugs was very fast and they went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied.

    Maurits Barendregt,
    Founder & CTO of Hospi Housing

Why Beetroot?

Beetroot offers a strategic approach to forming development teams, whether you need to get a tech solution fast or engage a dedicated unit that feels like in-house. Benefits include:

  • Access to European talent markets

    With a vast network of R&D locations in Central and Eastern Europe and HQ in Sweden, the Beetroot ecosystem has enough breadth to fulfill virtually any specification and software solution, helping you access the skills and expertise of the continent’s best talent.

  • Predictable, streamlined costs

    Expect a reliable, predictable workflow and a reasonable cost based on our agreed specification, with enough room for exploring new features and ideas should you need them.

  • Flexible team scaling

    If the course of your software project changes, we will adequately scale your development team up or down, ensuring the alignment with your budget and goals stands.

  • Sustainable development teams

    At Beetroot, we believe that a healthy work environment and empathic communication are vital in creating a problem-solving and creative atmosphere. Our team collaborates with you on your software project, striking the right balance between agility and sustainability.

Ready to build a software development team in Bulgaria?

Whether you want to hire a dedicated software development team in Bulgaria or consider expanding your engineering capacity to new locations, Beetroot has a solution. Let’s see how we can help!