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HealthTech companies worldwide trust Beetroot in extending their tech teams, building engineering capacity, and guiding impactful products towards lasting success. 

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Put an end to these common bottlenecks in healthcare development

  • Nearshore software development
    Inability to complete your dev team onshore can slow down your HealthTech development for months or even years.

    Extend your tech team nearshore, leveraging Beetroot’s full support with quick recruiting, onboarding, and team sustainability.

    Let’s scale your development

  • Access to top-skilled data science experts
    The healthcare data is still largely siloed and fragmented.

    We’ll augment your team with senior professionals to collect, organize, and make sense of large volumes of healthcare data.

    Let’s scale your development

  • Focus on data protection

    Beetroot experts will build your healthcare software in compliance with the standards and regulations governing your field, including HIPAA, HL7, and GDPR.

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We don’t ‘just code’. We guide your HealthTech product to success.

Beetroot will augment your tech team to implement software projects in any HealthTech area, including the following.

What our clients say

  • The app has launched in 156 countries and counting. The team at Beetroot is always available, and projects are completed on time. Their creativity is appreciated, as they are willing to help brainstorm ideas for the projects. The finished work has been a great value for the cost.

    Dr. Alex Schneider.
    CEO & Founder of Life4me+
  • Because of their focus on small teams, Beetroot has a great startup culture. This culture allows them to be very attentive to details in their work and creates a very cozy feel, making them very easy to work with.

    Co-founder & CTO at Genomics Platform
  • What’s really nice about Beetroot is that people are happy there. Beetroot does not only provide us with the resources we need but also builds a community around them. That really helps our business.

    CTO in a FinTech company
  • Beetroot was involved with the company from day one. They built us a web platform that children could open to track their nutrition habits, learn, and achieve a healthier life in the end. That was our main goal. Initially, we gave them the UI/UX that we wanted, as well as the design and features. They took it and developed it into an amazing working platform.

    Project Manager at a Child Nutrition Platform
  • Beetroot has managed the process really well and delivered what they promised. There’s a lot of transparency in working with the team. They’re realistic about what we can expect, and they’ve tailored the product to our needs.

    Gautham Ramachandra.
    Restoration Ecologist at Land Life
  • Beetroot’s breadth of knowledge on different frameworks and technologies is impressive. We were using a somewhat niche or rare framework, and were struggling to find people who even knew about it. Beetroot developers were acquainted with it and easily accomplished tech tasks of all complexity.

    Adam Wamai Egesa.
    Co-Founder and CTO at Normative
  • The main positive aspect of working with Beetroot is their Swedish mentality, which can be felt throughout the company. I know what to expect from the people there, and it’s encouraging. Plus, there is also the Ukrainian mentality, which is rather direct and straightforward, something that we Swedes are also used to. As a product owner, this combination is very refreshing and valuable for me because I can expect the team to be honest about what we are working on.

    Andreas Kühne.
    Product owner at Apex
  • We appreciated Beetroot’s commitment to social responsibility and their internal culture. Transparency in payments and smooth, honest dialogue made us feel very secure about our decision to build a team in Ukraine.

    Sara Corneilusson.
    COO at Admentum

Easy team setup. Easier scaling.

Leverage Beetroot’s vast tech talent network in Sweden, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Poland to build or augment your team precisely in the way that suits your business best.

  • Dedicated Teams

    Best for strategic IT staff augmentation

    We build sustainable nearshore teams of medical software engineers and other HealthTech experts. You manage your software developers directly, while Beetroot takes care of infrastructure and assists you with maintaining a tight-knit and productive team.

    Let’s augment your tech team

  • Flex Teams

    Best for quick project delivery

    Get extra capacity to solve a specific task or fix an unexpected problem. Leverage our HealthTech expertise and fast team sourcing to clear your backlog, accelerate time-to-market for your healthcare software solution, or field-test nearshoring before committing long-term.

    Let’s augment your tech team

Why work with us?

  • Access top-tier tech talent

    Beetroot will find experts for your project in Southeast Europe, home to over 1 million of tech specialists and some of the world’s most competent developers.

  • Go to market fast and scale

    Having served over 500 clients, we optimized our software development processes for fast delivery backed by a long-term thinking approach.

  • Work with a purpose-driven partner

    We are on a mission to create sustainable social, economic, and environmental impact at scale as a tech ecosystem.

  • Keep your development team tight-knit

    We tailored our HR processes to help your MedTech development team stay integrated, well-connected, and productive in the long run.

  • Cut hiring timelines for tech positions

    Beetroot’s European clients can benefit from our astute hiring process to cut hiring times in half on average.

Let's Boost Your HealthTech Project

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