project discovery phase
discovery stage

Project Discovery Services

Define and develop the necessary groundwork for your idea to become reality

What is Discovery?

The project discovery phase is often the very first stage of a software project development process and an important prelude to MVP development. Together, we generate components such as:

Goals, objectives and requirements definition
Visualisation and overview of the future product
Material to attract investor attention
Cost & Time Estimates


discovery phase project plan - analysis stage
  • High-level business requirements and feature lists

    Brainstorming sessions, interviews, prototyping, and requirements workshops will assist with determining stakeholder needs.

  • Defining Minimum Viable Product

    Breaking down IT project scope into stages will make it valuable for early customers and small enough for fast implementation. Allows for earlier initial feedback collection.

  • Estimates

    Project scope evaluation and provision of estimates in man-days, based on gathered requirements and features.

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discovery phase of a software project - Design/UX
  • UX research

    • Competitor analysis in the form of a functionality table
    • Definition of key Users - their needs and expectations
    • Definition of main use cases
  • UX wireframes

    Design of low-detail interface wireframes to understand the user experience

  • Higher detail mock-ups

    Mock-up designs of key interface screens with enough quality to attract investor attention

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Development Architecture

project discovery phase deliverables - Development Architecture
  • Overall project architecture

    We create a technical project model based on what we have identified as being the most optimal architecture design

  • Insights and suggestions

    We provide insights and suggestions based in our years of experience, highlighting important areas that require additional attention in implementation.

  • Technical stack

    We specify technologies and frameworks, software and tools needed to bring the new project alive.

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Our packages

Startup Optimized

Create a pitch deck and focus on valuable project discovery phase deliverables that attract investor attention. A great way to kick off the software product development journey as a startup.


A custom project discovery process will enable you to immediately engage developers and start working. It is ideal for enterprise solutions and companies that want to invest more, proactively, in their idea before starting development.


After project discovery phase, work with Beetroot on the full development cycle, including: Design, Development, Testing, and more.

Architecture & Development

Technical Stack
Our Insights & Expertise


High-level business requirements & features definition
Definition of MVPs
Estimates (Time & Cost)
Team size definition & required skills


Competitor analysis
Key Personas (their needs and expectations)
Main use scenario UX wireframes
UI Screen Mockups
Key UI screens Key UI screens in the form of an interactive UX wireframe prototype

Discovery Team Roles

discovery phase of a software project - experts