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Backed by the trust of EdTech startups and educational institutions worldwide, we’re your reliable ally for scaling engineering capacity and implementing influential AI solutions.

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Do these challenges look familiar? Let’s solve them together!

Talent Scarcity & Skill Gaps in EdTech

The clock is ticking. Everyday without the right talent is lost in achieving your company's vision.
  • Dedicated EdTech Teams

    We build and manage dedicated EdTech teams with a strong AI focus across Europe. Our talent pool is tailored to your requirements, perfectly blending with your organizational culture and vision.

  • Competency Reinforcement

    With our tech academy and strong commitment to L&D, Beetroot delivers custom training and upskilling programs tailored to your team’s needs, ensuring they stay ahead in the dynamic EdTech industry landscape.

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Seamless AI Integration

Imagine investing in AI to face clunky integration, swamped customer support, and endless code fixes.
  • World-Class ML & Data Science Expertise

    Harnessing the power of AI in education, our tech teams are skilled in tailoring educational products to be both cutting-edge and user-friendly.

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Data Governance & Security in EdTech

Think about a breach exposing student data, inviting legal issues and harming your brand. Poor data governance is a looming crisis.
  • Diverse & Inclusive EdTech Teams

    With Beetroot, you gain access to a team of experts from varied backgrounds, ensuring your EdTech solutions are both broad in perspective and free from inadvertent biases.

  • Responsible Data Practices

    Handling student and institutional data comes with immense responsibility. Beetroot prioritizes data security in EdTech and user privacy. With certifications like ISO 27001 and strict adherence to GDPR, you can trust in our commitment to responsible data practices in the EdTech domain.

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We don't 'just code'. We elevate your EdTech vision to success.

Beetroot strengthens your tech team to execute software projects in any EdTech niche, including (but not limited to) the following:

EdTech Success Stories

Due to NDA agreements, we’re only able to share a glimpse of our portfolio, but it’s a testament to the breadth and depth of LMS, digital assessment, data retrieval and other tech solutions that Beetroot software engineers crafted for businesses like yours.

  • Inspera

    Beetroot provided a team of dedicated developers and consulting services for a company building a SaaS digital assessment platform.

    • AWS
    • Java
    • React
    • Challenge

      Inspera’s decision to partner with Beetroot AB was driven by the need to expand its talent pool for long- and short-term projects and optimize costs. Finding the necessary engineers and QA testers in the countries where they had offices had proven challenging, and the recruitment often took longer than desired.

    • Solution
      • Under the staff augmentation model, Beetroot provided a team of 8 front- and backend developers and 2 QA testers focusing on manual testing.
      • Beetroot took care of the team recruitment and onboarding, as well as the infrastructure.
      • Beetroot provided expert consultancy support for the client’s select projects.

      Let’s build your tech muscles

What our clients say

  • It sounds like a cliche, but they truly live up to their slogan — the home of great teams!

    COO of Educational SaaS

Boost your edtech engineering prowess. Scale effortlessly.

Tap into Beetroot’s extensive tech talent network across Sweden, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Poland to craft or bolster your EdTech team in the manner that aligns perfectly with your strategic vision.

  • Long-Term Dedicated Teams

    We build sustainable nearshore teams of e-learning software engineers and other EdTech experts. You manage your software developers directly, while Beetroot takes care of infrastructure and assists you with maintaining a tight-knit and productive team.

    Billed at monthly rates. Optimal for consistent, long-term projects.

  • Flexible Dedicated Teams

    Get extra capacity to solve a specific task or fix an unexpected problem. Leverage our EdTech expertise and fast team sourcing to clear your backlog, accelerate time-to-market for your e-learning software solution, or field-test nearshoring before committing long-term.

    Billed at daily rates. Optimal for dynamic, short-term needs.

Why Beetroot

  • Harness world-class EdTech talent

    Plunge into our expertise in building world-class EdTech teams. We understand the intricacies of education and the nuances of technology, ensuring your team boasts a broad understanding of the educational sector’s demands.

  • Rapid Launch, Seamless Expansion

    With our extensive EdTech talent network, you can swiftly assemble and scale your tech team to match the dynamic requirements of the education technology industry.

  • Leverage AI-powered EdTech mastery

    Whether you’re seeking professionals for content personalization, AI tutor functionalities, or administrative AI tasks, Beetroot’s talent pool has you covered. Dive into our proven capability to find experts to implement your AI/ML visions.

  • Sustain Team Unity & Performance

    Our refined HR procedures guarantee that your EdTech team remains united and healthy, ensuring long-term project success.

  • Elevate with Our EdTech Ecosystem

    Supercharge your team’s skill set with Beetroot Academy’s custom courses focused on the latest trends in EdTech. Our training programs are meticulously designed to match your project’s unique requirements.

  • Magnify Your Positive Influence

    Partnering with Beetroot propels your EdTech vision forward and amplifies your commitment to social responsibility in regions where we actively champion the UN SDGs.

Elevate your EdTech vision

Drop us a line with your project details, and our EdTech experts will be in touch to bring your ideas to life.