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Facing growth challenges in the AI industry? Let’s solve them together!

Talent Acquisition &  Retention

  • Dedicated Remote Teams for AI Software Development

    We build and manage dedicated tech teams, comprising world-class AI talent across Europe, offering premier machine learning consulting. Tailored to your timeline & budget, matched with your culture.

  • Competency reinforcement

    The continuous learning mindset is in our DNA with our own tech academy and internal L&D. Plus, should you need custom training/upskilling programs for your tech teams, we’re here to help.

Data Quality & Accessibility

  • Data Annotation Expertise

    Beetroot helps you set up an experienced Data Annotation squad to take the burden of cleaning, labeling, and structuring data off your shoulders.

  • Collaborations & Partnerships

    Leverage the Beetroot ecosystem & development house network to facilitate collaborations with data providers, research institutions, and industry partners.

Regulatory Compliance & User Trust

  • Diverse & Inclusive Teams

    Beetroot gives you access to experts with varied backgrounds and perspectives to help debias and broaden your solution space.

  • Responsible Data Practices

    With ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance, Beetroot is committed to user privacy and data security.

Turn these challenges into opportunities.

Machine Learning Services: Turning Ideas into Positive Impact

Rely on us, a trusted AI development company, for sourcing senior AI experts for your projects and assembling formidable tech teams. They are perfectly poised to translate machine learning challenges into groundbreaking solutions. Explore our wide spectrum of artificial intelligence services:

  • Machine Learning

    • Computer vision
    • NLP
    • LLMs
    • Reinforcement learning
    • Predictive analysis
    • Recommender systems
  • Data Science

    • Cleaning
    • Annotation
    • Feature engineering
    • Tabular data analysis
  • Data Engineering

    • Data platform design & engineering
    • Data integration
    • Data storage layer development
    • Database optimization
    • Data pipeline development

Harness the power of our AI development services.

Our Machine Learning Development Services: Success Stories

Due to NDA agreements, we’re only able to share a glimpse of our portfolio, but it’s a testament to the breadth and depth of machine learning solutions that Beetroot software engineers crafted for businesses like yours.

  • AI-Powered Genomics Platform

    Beetroot provides full-stack development services to an automated, genetic AI platform.

    • Python
    • Angular
    • Docker
    • Flask
    • Vue js
    • Challenge

      Beetroot was approached by an Israeli-American healthcare startup that interprets genetic maps using machine learning and various algorithms. The client required full-stack development, addressing an array of challenges across the back end and front end of their web applications.

      The client started working with Beetroot in early 2018 and continues collaboration to this day.

    • Solution
      • A sustainable dedicated team of tech experts that has grown from 1 to 10 developers and a geneticist
      • Assistance with onboarding for smooth team integration
      • Ongoing HR support for team sustainability
    • Turn your AI aspirations into reality.

What our clients say about our AI software development expertise

See some of the reviews of fellow business owners and tech executives to set some expectations for your future cooperation with Beetroot.

  • For a long time, we only worked with one specialist from Beetroot. But, we were so happy with the deliverables, scheduling, and overall-cost quality ratio that we decided to proceed with building a bigger team! This growing team now cooperates efficiently with our in-house employees.

    Co-Founder & CTO at AI-Powered Genomics Platform

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Why Choose Beetroot's AI Services?

  • Access world-class AI and Machine Learning talent

    Dive into our specialization in assembling Machine Learning and Data teams, ensuring the right blend of technical and cross-industry understanding.

  • Launch fast and scale confidently

    Benefit from our vast talent pool to swiftly adjust your software development team’s size and meet evolving project demands.

  • Find your ideal ML & Data talent

    Whether you need data scientists, ML experts, or data engineers, tap into Beetroot’s proven delivery capability.

  • Get comprehensive team support

    We’ve fine-tuned our HR processes to ensure your software engineering team remains cohesive and tight-knit and consistently delivers high performance over time.

  • Leverage the ecosystem power

    Enhance your team’s capabilities with Beetroot Academy’s custom courses and training programs tailored to your product needs.

  • Foster your positive impact

    By сhoosing Beetroot as your AI software development company, you amplify your social responsibility efforts in regions where we actively contribute to the UN SDGs.

Unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence Development with Beetroot.

Our 3D commitment to AI

  • Making the world better

    Shaping the future of technology and society through our clients’ solutions*

    *Little Beetroot Footnote ?
    While we might be a tad selective (okay, maybe just a smidge of picky), we have a soft spot for clients whose business rhythm resonates with making lives better. If you feel the same “beet”, you’re our kind of folks. Let’s shape a better tomorrow together!

  • Making your business better

    Building tech teams and developing cutting-edge AI solutions across impactful domains

  • Empowering individuals

    Enhancing productivity, creativity, and collaboration through AI

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