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Hire an Android Mobile App Developer: Your Vision, Our Expertise

Beetroot is your dependable ally in resolving tech challenges. We will locate a dedicated Android app developer for your internal team or deliver top-quality development services on a project basis.

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Beetiful Faces of Android Development

Meet just a few of our fantastic Android Mobile developers.

  • Anton S.

    Middle Android Developer, 5+ years of experience

    I bring experience in developing applications from scratch and enhancing/supporting existing ones. I find joy in contributing to projects that positively impact people’s lives, simplifying processes, and aiding them in achieving their goals.

    I enjoy exploring gadgets, new technology, and sports in my free time. Staying updated on the latest advancements in the world of technology is a personal interest of mine.

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Why Android?

Tailored flexibility, infinite scalability
dedicated android developers

Android, the world’s leading mobile operating system, powers over 70% of mobile devices worldwide. Trusted by brands like Samsung, Google, and Huawei, it’s an open-source platform with a rich ecosystem of apps and customization options.

With its cost-effective and dynamic approach, Android is the ideal solution for creating high-quality mobile apps, serving various sectors, including e-commerce, entertainment, and productivity.

As one of the dominant mobile operating systems, Android offers scalability, making it suitable for startups, SMEs, and global enterprises. It allows you to engage a vast audience, from local markets to the global stage.

When it comes to mobile app development and digital innovation, Android provides the flexibility and scalability your business needs to excel in the digital era.

dedicated android developers

Reasons to Hire an Android Mobile App Developer

Enhance productivity, sharpen your focus on goals

Navigating the business landscape involves challenges such as market volatility, a scarcity of local tech talent, and the unpredictable nature of freelance programmers.

In the realm of high demand for mobile applications, crafting such a service is a true art that requires experience, profound technical skills, and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Hiring dedicated Android app developers at Beetroot has consistently proven to be a wise business decision. Our experienced programmers enhance your production capabilities by offering in-depth tech expertise in specific areas, including mobile app development, cybersecurity, and custom application development.

Say goodbye to tech talent challenges with our reliable support! With Beetroot, you can rest assured your development is in the right hands and concentrate on reaching your business objectives.

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated Android developer?

Android developer salaries vary based on experience and skills. Entry-level developers’ requests are usually budget-friendly, while middle and senior developers charge more. Hiring and employment costs also depend on location, role, and cooperation type.

Freelance Android Developers Rates

According to Upwork, a prominent platform for hiring freelancers, the average hourly rates for freelance Android developers differ depending on their location. For example, if you decide to hire a remote dedicated Android developer from North America or Western Europe, you can expect to pay them between $50 and $81 per hour. In contrast, rates in Eastern Europe and Asia tend to be considerably lower, typically ranging from $35 to $65 per hour.

It’s important to note that these rates can also vary within a region, depending on factors such as experience, skills, and the project’s complexity. Some freelancers may opt for a fixed project fee instead of an hourly rate.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Android Freelancers

  • Pros

    • Niche expertise within the Android development domain
    • Flexibility
    • Availability of cost-effective options allowing you to optimize your budget
    • Quality-driven work for maintaining freelancer’s reputation in the marketplace
  • Cons

    • Potential lack of commitment due to freelancers juggling multiple projects
    • Limited scalability and expertise
    • Potential communication challenges arising from language barriers, cultural differences, and geographical remoteness
    • Security concerns due to the uncertainty of collaborating with unfamiliar individuals
    • Variability in quality and adherence to best practices
    • Dependability issues that may disrupt project timelines
    • Limited or no post-project support

How to hire an Android Mobile App Developer with a White-Label Tech Partner

When it comes to finding Android App programmers for hire through a tech company, you’re making a strategic choice to streamline production and establish a dependable tech back office. This approach offers cost-effective solutions.

For instance, Beetroot can assist you in hiring junior, middle, and senior developers experienced in agency workflows, with costs starting from $930 per month. Keep in mind that the exact costs will depend on your project requirements.

Let’s find you a great Android developer

  • Junior

    Our Junior developers have several projects under their belts and are very capable of holding their own.


    $180 / day
    $2550 / month

  • Middle

    A Middle developer borders the Senior, with solid knowledge and experience. This enables the developer to make informed decisions and accurately drive processes.


    $290 / day
    $4150 / month

  • Senior

    Our most senior developers know Android inside-out, and work well in advisory roles. Complex and technically challenging projects will engage a senior developer.


    $435 / day
    $6200 / month

Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Android Developers with a Tech Partner

  • Benefits

    • Diverse Talent Pool: Beetroot boasts a rich talent pool, comprising junior, mid-level, and senior Android Mobile developers, guaranteeing you’ll discover the perfect match for your project.
    • Scalability: Beetroot’s adaptable hiring options empower you to expand or contract your development team to align with the evolving demands of your project.
    • Long-Term Reliability: When you partner with Beetroot, you secure consistent, long-term support for your projects.
    • Project Customization: We possess the flexibility to tailor our services to the distinctive needs of your project, ensuring a personalized approach.
    • Quality Assurance: Beetroot’s unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier work bolsters the success and reputation of your Android App development.
    • Responsive to Project Needs: We are quick to adjust, whether it’s scaling up or down, to align with your project’s specific requirements, all while maintaining established risk management processes.
    • Technical Expertise: Beetroot provides access to developers with a wealth of technical expertise in Android App development, ensuring that your project is in highly capable hands.
  • Challenges

    • Higher Costs: When collaborating with a tech partner, you’ll typically face higher expenses compared to hiring a freelancer. However, these additional costs are justified by the array of extra services you receive, including tailored recruitment, support for team expansion and retention. This approach often proves more cost-effective than bringing in-house tech experts on board, as the tech company handles all administrative overhead.
    • Cultural Differences: Cooperating with offshore vendors can be challenging due to differences in mindset and business culture. In contrast, our impact-oriented mission and robust organizational culture, rooted in Swedish values, ensure smoother collaboration.

React Native vs. Java vs. Kotlin vs. Flutter

When you hire dedicated Android app developers, you bring on board specialists proficient in various frameworks. Their adaptability allows them to tailor their skills to your project’s unique needs, providing a comprehensive approach to mobile app development. A skilled specialist can guide you in selecting the optimal framework for your project.

For native Android development, Java or Kotlin are solid choices, with Java being stable for over a decade and well-suited for Object-Oriented Programming. Kotlin, backed by Google, is a simpler alternative gaining popularity. If you aim for cross-platform apps, React Native and Flutter offer versatility, allowing development for both Android and iOS using a single codebase. React Native, developed by Facebook, is suitable for JavaScript developers, but intricate apps may need extensive third-party libraries. Flutter, created by Google, uses Dart and adopts a widget-based approach.

Why hire an Android Mobile App developer with Beetroot?

Now you can have a development partner that treats your company’s reputation as its own.

Let’s assemble your ideal mobile development team!

  • Highly Skilled Developers

    Beetroot stands as a trusted partner to over 250 clients worldwide, boasting a track record of more than 1,000 successful deliveries. You may rest assured that your dedicated team consistently keeps up with the latest global trends and adheres to the best programming practices.

  • Beyond Android Coding

    We transcend the boundaries of Android development, positioning ourselves as your comprehensive development solutions partner. Our proactive approach helps you foster the growth of your business in a sustainable manner.

  • Cultural Synergy

    We understand how crucial clear communication and smooth teamwork are for your project’s success. Originating from Sweden, we’ve established a comprehensive network of development centers across Europe and Vietnam just for you. This setup ensures that your project won’t face delays due to cultural differences.

  • Healthy Team Environment

    Our extensive experience underscores the importance of robust team integration for the success of projects. Accordingly, we have tailored our HR processes to facilitate synergy, connectivity, and productivity within your Android development team. With our backing, your team can concentrate on their core strengths — delivering exceptional results.

  • Cross-Domain Experience

    Our Android developers bring a rich cross-domain experience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse industries. This versatility translates into tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with unique business needs and deliver exceptional user experiences.

  • Ecosystem Advantage

    Encompassing tech consultancy, Beetroot Academy, and a wide network of development partners, the Beetroot ecosystem ensures long-term resilience for your business, covering each step in the tech solution process, from tech upskilling to product building.

Success Stories of Hiring Android Developers

We are a reliable development partner committed to upholding our promises. Our company projects are kept confidential under NDA until we receive the client’s explicit permission to share them. Therefore, we are only able to showcase a select few here.

Hire your perfect Android developer with Beetroot

  • Life4me+

    Life4me+ aims to reduce HIV, STIs, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis infections. Our team developed a website, iOS, and Android apps for secure and anonymous communication between patients and physicians. The app enables users to manage medication schedules, receive personalized reminders, seek medical advice, schedule blood tests, and store test results conveniently.

Reviews on hiring Android Developers with Beetroot

Check out some of the numerous customer reviews offering valuable insights into what you can expect from our partnership.

  • I appreciated Beetroot for their creativity. I was able to explain my idea and go through a brainstorming process. Beetroot made it seem that it was more their project than mine at times.

    Dr. Alex Schneider,
    CEO & Founder of Life4me+