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Build future-proof dedicated software development teams in Poland

Hire a remote team of Polish programmers with Beetroot to strengthen your international presence. Leverage high service quality, vast domain expertise, and strong skills of the best tech talent in Central and Eastern Europe with a reliable development partner you can trust.

EU-based teams to fuel your growth

Why hire developers from Poland?

Benefit from our delivery location in the EU, opting for stellar dedicated developers alongside Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania:

  • Skills and experience

    Poland ranks third in the IT Competitiveness Index and holds second in TopCoder rankings, showcasing its coding prowess. The dominant tech stacks include Java, PHP, C#, .NET, C++, Python, and JavaScript.

  • Western mentality

    Although located in CEE, Poland has strong cultural ties with Western Europe. Polish programmers share Western values and perspectives, bridging cultural divides for smooth and effective collaboration with European and US businesses.

  • Strong educational base

    Based on 2023 OECD data, 41% of Poland’s 25-34 age group hold a tertiary degree. Renowned universities in cities like Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, and Wrocław provide high-quality STEM, computer science, and related education.

  • Solid reputation

    Polish software engineers are renowned for their professionalism, honesty, and communication prowess, upholding high business etiquette and consistently delivering innovative solutions using the latest technologies.

  • English command

    Poland ranks 13th out of 113 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index. With 90% of Polish programmers fluent in English, they communicate effectively with global English-speaking clients and adeptly handle technological challenges.

The heart of EU’s nearshore software development scene

Premier outsourcing location
  • Timezone: GMT+1(2) — 1-3 hour flight distance to European cities and financial centers
  • Advanced digital infrastructure: R&D hubs in Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, and the Tri-City
  • The base for Microsoft’s first cloud data processing center in CEE: Azure Poland Central
  • Home to prominent unicorns, among them Allegro, InPost, CD Project Red, and Huuuge
  • Established reputation in cybersecurity, IoT, and data processing
  • EU member since 2004, NATO member since 1999
  • Social stability and adherence to EU regulatory and security standards
  • Great synergy with Ukraine and easy access to relocated Ukrainian developers via Beetroot’s site in Poznań

Hire in Poland

Connect with Poland’s prospering IT ecosystem

Key market strengths
  • 37 698 000


  • 525 000

    Software developers & ICT experts

  • #3 global rank

    for software development services

Some core tech expertise on demand available in Poland:

  • Data annotation
  • Data analytics and science
  • AWS
  • JavaScript
  • Python

What our clients say

See some of the reviews of fellow business owners and tech executives to set some expectations for your future cooperation with Beetroot.

  • Beetroot AB’s teammates’ success rate is at the same level as our local recruitment. The dedicated team members Beetroot AB provides operate within our team structure, so we handle the project management. When it comes to consultancy projects, their project management has been good; they’ve met the timeline targets, and their organization has worked well.

    Hans Fredrik Unelsrød,
    CTO at Inspera AS

Why Beetroot?

We’re committed to offering a tailored recruitment and qualification process to quickly provide the solution you need, whether end-to-end project delivery or hiring dedicated developers to enhance your existing team. Advantages include:

  • The right talent sourcing mix

    You will gain access to established sourcing channels offered by the Beetroot Ecosystem, spanning a broad network of L&D locations and partner development houses. Our recognizable employer brand helps you get top-notch professionals curated to fit your criteria and budget.

  • Cost-effective solutions

    Partnering with remote software developers from various locations, including Poland, enables businesses to achieve optimal resource allocation and access high-quality development services at rates more favorable than those in Western Europe or North America.

  • Flexible team scaling

    Nothing is set in stone: we’ll adjust your team’s size as your software project evolves, ensuring it aligns with your current objectives and needs.

  • Team retention and sustainability

    Leave behind the stress of team overhead. You manage day-to-day work while Beetroot takes care of the infrastructure and supports you in nurturing an effective and cohesive team that is viable in the long term.

Start scaling your performance with Polish developers

Build your next-level dedicated software development team in Poland today. Tell us about your project, and let’s discuss all available options Beetroot has in store for your future success.