About us

Beetroot is a social enterprise and was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Andreas Flodström and Gustav Henman. We were born from the idea that development abroad can be done in a very people-centered and integrated way that doesn’t sacrifice in-house quality.



We use commercial tools to achieve our social mission – to become the most sustainably impactful tech company in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Sustainable software development

We know that long-term sustainability in development relies on healthy and engaged teams. Mental and environmental health are just as important to us as our core mission – having a positive impact on society.


Social Impact

To engage with work, and stay for a long time, we believe that individuals need the best possible working conditions and continuous personal development. We want to include everyone, regardless of gender, religion, skin color or sexuality, and spread a mindset of openness and co-responsibility.

As a part of promoting mental health awareness, we frequently organize open lectures on mental health, which we call “Beetrootoyourself”.


Building the economy

We use commercial tools to achieve social goals. Building an IT industry in cities without traditional IT spheres impacts society hugely from an economicial perspective. A part of the value we create is establishing a new, sustainable, international business in Europe.

Competing over a limited talent pool in large IT hubs generates marginal impact. Instead, we think it’s wiser to look more broadly at mid-sized cities and work with sound values and improve people’s lives – growing new leaders and entrepreneurs.


Our environment

Beetroot drives a company-wide sustainability plan that investigates our total impact on the environment and outlines all the activities we pursue to mitigate negative influences. We try to produce as little CO2 as possible, and compensate what we can’t avoid.