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Leave behind the scope creep, broken deadlines, and misunderstandings with freelance developers. Optimize your business for the mobile-first strategy and create value with reliable white label application solutions by Beetroot.

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Mobile application development for various platforms

Get great work done fast and leverage our expertise in full-cycle, multi-platform mobile app development aligned with your business requirements to fascinate your customers and reach a broad audience regardless of their mobile device type.

We provide feature-rich custom mobile application solutions for popular Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Watch, and tvOS for Apple TV. Trust our team to take the hassle out of publishing your app on the Apple Store and upgrading it to the latest OS version while maintaining stability and speed.

Start Building An iOS App

When creating native apps for Android, we primarily rely on technologies such as Kotlin and Java, covering smartphones, tablets, IoT wearables, and other Android OS devices. Just as for any apps we develop, Beetroot provides post-deployment support and maintenance for your products.

Start Building An Android App

Much like for iOS and Android, we have long-standing experience in mobile app development services for multiple platforms. An efficient way to build robust and stable applications is by using universal frameworks such as React Native or Flutter. Cross-platform applications are a cost-friendly solution to engage both Android and iOS users while effectively managing the development and maintenance budgets.

Start Building A Multi-Platform App

Progressive web apps (PWAs) offer a responsive, mobile-friendly experience through easy-to-access shortcuts, ensuring a native-app feel for users across various platforms. Trust us to build a web application that operates smoothly on any device, boosts conversions, can run without a network connection, and provides a native app-like user experience using a unified codebase.

Start Building a Сustom PWA

Hybrid applications combine native and web solutions where the core app functionality is built using web technologies. Unlock Beetroot’s expertise to build a single app with different native shells to ensure a native-like performance and user experience across diverse mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows, all while minimizing time-to-market and development costs.

Start Building a Hybrid Mobile App

Beetroot has the skill to develop companion apps for different wearable devices, ensuring integration with proprietary peripherals and other smart accessories. Expand your application’s reach beyond iOS and Android development to include TVs, watches, and other devices, offering your users a seamless omnichannel experience.

Start Building Your Wearable App

What our clients say

  • Since Beetroot AB joined the project, the app’s development has increased in momentum and got a better development velocity. Their mobile application development knowledge combined with their impressive speed and ability makes them a reliable partner.

    Olle Paulsson,
    Product Manager at Seably

Industries we already cover

Beetroot is more than any mobile app development company. We help businesses build agile teams and ramp up software engineering projects as a tech ecosystem with long-term impact and sustainability in mind.

  • EdTech

    Disrupt and streamline your teaching practice with accessible education tools, custom eLearning clients, mobile extensions for your existing communication platforms, and online training apps.

  • HealthTech

    Expand primary care through telemedicine apps, drive patient engagement with mHealth tools, and remove barriers to medical learning through mobile-optimized versions of your education platforms.

  • GreenTech

    Empower greener choices through custom mobile app development to improve resource management, track carbon footprint, support biodiversity, and create sustainable value with technology.

  • eCommerce

    Grow your online business with custom mobile application development for retailers, secure online marketplaces, auction solutions, and shopping apps of any complexity.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Use custom mobile apps to streamline hotel service and reservations, improve personnel and inventory management, facilitate self-service, order placement, and contactless payments in your establishments.

  • Community Platforms

    Consider a native app to make your online community or social platform mobile-friendly. Let your users connect in a secure digital space and interact with your company anywhere, on any device.

Contact us to get a tailored solution for your specific business area.

Our end-to-end mobile app development process

Whether you need a standalone feature or full-cycle development, Beetroot is ready to grow your product from any stage in minimum time, within the established schedule and budget.

  • Discovery and Planning

    Our team will conduct discovery sessions with stakeholders and in-depth analysis to gather business and market insights essential for assessing the app’s viability and scope.

  • Building the App Design

    We elaborate on the information architecture and workflows, wireframes, general style guides, mockups, and prototypes to shape your idea into a product. Beetroot offers a full range of UI/UX design services to build appealing, fast, and functional applications.

  • Application Development

    Beetroot covers all technical aspects of your app (backend, APIs, and frontend) by picking the best technology stack for your desired mobile OS and feature set. We provide our clients with regular project updates to maintain work transparency and adhere to the general vision and scope.

  • Mobile App Testing

    Our QA team performs various types of testing (user experience, functional, performance, security, device compatibility, and platform testing) to validate the app’s quality and deliver a stable, secure, and bug-free final version.

  • Deployment and Support

    We take charge of your product submission to Google Play and Apple App Store and prepare the app information and metadata needed for official publishing. Post-launch maintenance includes ongoing updates and app enhancement to keep its market relevance.

  • DevOps

    Beetroot’s engineers will prepare infrastructure and implement pipelines for automated codebase quality checks (static code analysis and automated test suites) and distribution.

Why should you choose Beetroot mobile development services?

See some of the reasons why tech and non-tech business leaders trust Beetroot to build effective teams and successful digital solutions.

  • Diversified talent sourcing mix

    Originating in Sweden, Beetroot is an international tech ecosystem with L&D locations in Europe, Vietnam, and the U.S. You’ll gain access to different sourcing channels, including our tested in-house expertise and tailored recruitment in selected regions to meet your hiring criteria. We engage pre-vetted partner development houses to assemble a team faster and help you get the solution you need.

  • Top-rated developers

    Clutch rates Beetroot AB among the top B2B service providers in Sweden. Our teams’ extensive mobile development knowledge, work ethics, and proactive approach prove Beetroot’s reputation as a dependable and effective technology partner.

  • Streamlined, predictable costs

    Expect a consistent and predictable workflow and a reasonable cost aligned with our agreed specifications. This approach allows flexibility for introducing new features should you need them and exploring ideas.

  • Team integration support

    Beetroot’s HR processes are tailored to provide you with exceptional team care and retention. Your dedicated mobile developers will stay integrated, well-versed in your processes, and productive in the long run while we handle the administrative hassle.

  • Sustainability mindset

    The teams’ sustainability and longevity are central to our business philosophy. That translates into cultivating a mindset where team members take good care of their roles, each other, and the world. Beetroot is dedicated to fostering effective teams in a healthy workplace — a practice that proved viable in our clients’ businesses and stories of success.

  • Timely help for any scenario

    From quick MVP creation for testing the market response to a successful application launch, you can rely on our expert assistance and direct communication at any stage of your project development.

Ready to launch your dream mobile application?

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