Dedicated WordPress Developer

This setup is ideal when you want to work with a specific WordPress developer, dedicated to you. We will assign one of our passionate in-house experts to you, full-time.

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Who is a Dedicated WordPress Developer for?

Our typical client is a digital agency that needs white label development and design over a longer period of time. We typically work as a scalable, natural extension to their in-house team, helping them better handle intensity peaks. This type of setup is useful for agencies who want full flexibility in how they manage and work with their website developers, and to integrate them with their internal workflow.

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WordPress expert with a special focus

We can expand your development capabilities with a skilled WordPress developer that has deep, technical expertise in specific areas, such as WordPress plugins, WooCommerce or PHP development. A WordPress consultant who is a true expert and professional— in a specific area— can make a difference to your business, generating great value in relation to price.

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What are the benefits of working with full-time developers?

This setup is ideal when you want to work with a specific WordPress programmer, dedicated to you. Hiring specific website experts will ensure that you’re building a personal relationship, knowledge capital, and consistency from project to project. It’s also generally more cost-efficient to directly manage your team instead of through additional management layers.

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Will my developers work for other clients too?

We assign one or more of our passionate in-house WordPress professionals to you, full-time. They will not work with any other clients for as long as they are dedicated to you. Rather, we hope that we can scale your dedicated team together over time.

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Developer's level

WordPress web development and web design expert
junior WP coders for hire


Freshly graduated burst of energy from our own Beetroot Academy.

WordPress content management systems (cms) is widely used by our junior coders


Our Junior developers have several projects under their belt and are very capable of holding their own.

our middle developers can use different tools and resources for sophisticated plugin development


A Middle developer borders the Senior, with solid knowledge and experience. This enables the developer to make informed decisions and reliably drive processes.

custom web design and development services for sophisticated corporate websites


Our most senior developers know WordPress inside-out and work well in advisory roles. Complex and technically challenging projects will engage a senior consultant.

Our team at a glance

Does she know other languages apart from English?
Yes, she is learning Spanish to be able to sing along with Enrique Iglesias.
What’s her favorite computer game?
She’s a big fan of the Witcher.
Is she a dog or a cat person?
100% cat person. She thinks cats are the best. She had a cat and got a tattoo of that cat to keep it with her at all times.
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What sets Anastasiia apart from other developers?
She’s a big fan of team building activities.
What’s her favorite travel destination?
It does not matter to her, as long as there is an ocean nearby.
What would she choose: a beef ribeye steak or a piece of chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and strawberries?
The cake. Definitely the cake.
How does he feel about his job?
He claims to love his job more than playing FIFA on PS.
Is he a good singer?
Yes, he used to work at karaoke and now the team always asks him to sing at parties.
What are his travel plans for the future?
To visit every single country in the world. Every. Single. One.
What is she doing outside of the office?
She’s a fan of walking. She’s also a fan of cycling. Thus, if you see Olena out and about in the city, she’ll be either walking or cycling.
What would she choose: skiing or snowboarding?
Why would she have to choose in the first place? She enjoys both!
Can she do the splits?
Duh, on top of that, she can even code while doing the splits.