How to choose a tech vendor for your healthtech project | Webinar Beetroot

How to Choose a Tech Vendor for your HealthTech Project

27 June, 2024

Join our webinar to learn how to select a tech partner adept at managing the complex landscape of Health Tech.

Navigating HealthTech may feel like threading a needle with boxing gloves — tricky, especially with the regulatory and interoperability challenges. At Beetroot, we understand. Health tech is a key area for us, and we’re keen to share our insights.This session is designed to provide you with actionable insights and clear guidance on selecting the right tech partner in your healthcare technology journey.


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Why attend

  • Event highlights

    • Critical criteria for vendor selection: Understand what to look for in a tech partner beyond the sales pitches.
    • Avoiding common pitfalls: Find out common mistakes companies make when choosing a tech partner and how to avoid them.
    • Insights from Experience: Discover challenges and key lessons learned from past partnerships, enhancing your understanding of effective collaboration in tech.
  • What you'll gain

    • Strategic insights: Benefit from our deep understanding of the HealthTech field to make strategic vendor choices.
    • Insider tips: Our team will unpack the less obvious but essential elements that make for strong partnerships in the MedTech and digital health fields.
    • Interactive Q&A session: Bring your questions and get tailored advice from our experts to help address your specific challenges.

Meet the speakers

  • Nick Tykhomyrov CBDO Beetroot

    Nick Tykhomyrov

    Head of Growth, Europe

    Over the past 13 years, Nick has helped more than 80 startups choose the right IT vendor, with a strong commitment to effective communication and result-driven approaches. Nick’s inspiration is to deliver innovative tech solutions to those who strive to make a positive impact on the world. He believes in trust, peer-to-peer responsibility, and equality as the foundation of successful collaborations.

  • Nikita Tkachov

    Nikita Tkachov

    Chief Delivery Officer

    Nikita Tkachov is the Chief Delivery Officer at Beetroot. When he’s not helping clients solve their tech challenges, he’s out playing with his dog and watching sci-fi movies in good company.

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