Digital agencies' ADA toolkit for WordPress

WordPress ADA Compliance for Digital Agencies

Guide + Checklist

Discover the keys to effective ADA compliance in WordPress with our detailed guide and checklist tailored for digital agencies. It offers actionable insights on semantic HTML, ARIA labels, and navigational best practices. Equip your agency with the tools to enhance website accessibility, improve user experience, and ensure legal compliance.

  • Creating an accessible website doesn’t mean it has to look different from other sites. Most accessibility features are built into the HTML code and don’t change the overall design or website structure. Even though these features might change how the site works, they don’t have to alter how it looks. It proves that accessibility, when implemented properly, can fit seamlessly into any design. And this highlights why it’s important to have clear project specs and understand what needs to be done.

    Oleh Drahanchuk,
    Tech Lead at Beetroot

Quick ADA facts

  • 42.5 Million

    Number of Americans with disabilities in 2021.

  • 4,605

    ADA digital accessibility lawsuits filed in 2023.

Download this guide to:

  • Demystify ADA compliance with step-by-step instructions for WordPress sites.

  • Get expert tips on using semantic HTML for better site structure and accessibility.

  • Understand the latest WCAG guidelines and how they apply to mobile and low-vision accessibility.

  • Avoid common legal pitfalls by adhering to proven compliance strategies that protect your agency.

  • Access a detailed checklist that ensures every aspect of your website meets ADA standards.

  • Enhance user experience across all platforms by incorporating inclusivity into your design philosophy.

  • Evaluate the significance of ADA compliance in today’s digital landscape and its impact on user engagement.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the impending WCAG 3.0 and how it could affect your future projects.

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