How Beetroot tech relief fund supports Ukraine

February 2022 – Now

Who We Are

Aid for Ukraine, the Beetroot Tech Relief Fund, has supported Ukraine and Ukrainians since Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine in February 2022; the Fund has been focused on sustained humanitarian help to Ukrainians, focusing on the long-term recovery of society through initiatives such as children’s rehabilitation and education.

  • 14198

    People getting help since February 2022


Local initiatives

14 000+ stories of resilience and hope

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How Do We Help

  • 800+

    Donors worldwide

  • 100+

    Initiatives, NGOs, CF supported

  • 260+

    Applicants for funding

  • 7,231

    Packages of humanitarian aid

    (food, hygiene, diapers, medicine)
  • 470+

    IT items

    (laptops, PCs, monitors, modems, Starlink satellite internet kits)
  • 4,195

    Kids’ rehab spots covered

    (camps, psychological support, rehabilitation centers, physical rehabilitation, scolarships for education)
  • 850

    Medicine packages

    (glucometers, catheters, medicine)
  • 628

    Backpacks as a part of the MAYA and RescueNow charitable initiatives

    Backpacks for first-graded from IDP families that can’t buy the basics for online school education – an electronic tablet and school supplies.

Support Ukraine

We’ve been supporting Ukraine for recent years and have well-established processes and a team that finds and delivers aid efficiently.

Without the support of thousands of donors worldwide, none of these initiatives would have been possible without help from people like you. Today, Ukraine still needs your help, and every donated fund will be directed toward kids’ rehabilitation, education, and humanitarian aid.

We appreciate your trust in us and your generous donations!

We are able to accept donations through both Swedish and international channels. Proceeds go to help families who, due to the war, are unable to continue working and earn an income

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