Course.AID is Beetroot’s R&D e-learning app project. Using generative AI and data analysis, it optimizes personalized educational roadmaps for an enhanced learning experience.

  • C#
  • Generative AI
  • Python

Project Background

  • Challenge

    At Beetroot, our journey is fueled by the “tech for good” ethos, pushing us to constantly venture into new terrains with our R&D efforts.

    Diving deep into the vast possibilities of generative artificial intelligence across different fields, we’ve started the Course.AID project. It’s our approach to harnessing AI’s power within the EdTech sector, one of our focus verticals. This AI-enhanced app is designed to elevate e-learning experiences and forge new paths for those providing educational services.

    Developed with the needs of dedicated EdTech innovators in mind, Course.AID is our AI-based course planning tool, ready to boost your influence in the ever-evolving landscape of education and e-learning.

  • Progress Recap

    • The Course.AID R&D project underscores our commitment to elevating Learning & Development across the Beetroot ecosystem.;
    • With a strategic focus on EdTech, we embrace the power of technology to revolutionize learning methodologies.;
    • Our AI-driven course planning tool, Course.AID, is in progress, aiming to be an intelligent and secure roadmap planner. The development team includes a TechLead/Architect, UX/UI Designer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager.


Course.AID emerges as a transformative AI-driven course planning tool, fortified by sophisticated internal data retrieval capabilities.

  • —  Intelligent Data Retrieval: Automated crawling and analysis of educational resources to create tailored course roadmaps.
  • —  Chatbot Assistance: 24/7 chatbot support to assist in course navigation, resource retrieval, and personalized learning.
  • —  Search & Indexing: Lightning-fast search capabilities to instantly find courses, subjects, or resources.
  • —  Performance & Scalability: Built to handle high volumes of data and users without compromising on performance.


Course.AID, our AI-driven course planning tool, features a meticulously designed architecture for scalability, efficiency, and adaptability. It utilizes a message broker to decouple components, enabling seamless communication without intricate interdependencies.


While Course.AID is in development, it’s already achieved significant milestones promising transformative outcomes for EdTech. The architecture ensures scalability, efficiency, and adaptability, addressing industry challenges. The focus on data retrieval, chatbot assistance, and advanced search aims to set new standards in personalized education. Course.AID tackles issues like resource management and scalability, aiming to be a game-changer. The team is committed to a reliable, secure platform compliant with data protection regulations.

What Experts Say

  • As we navigate the development phase of Course.AID, we focus on some pressing challenges in the EdTech industry: managing and retrieving numerous educational resources, the lack of personalized learning experiences, and the hurdles in scaling EdTech solutions. These aren’t just challenges; they are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Course.AID is currently in progress, designed to be an intelligent and secure course roadmap planner that aims to resolve these issues.

    Nikita Tkachov,
    CDO Beetroot

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