One of the main goals of Life4me+ is to prevent an increased number of HIV and other STIs, hepatitis C and tuberculosis infections.
Life4me+ gives detailed information on HIV and other diseases like how to protect yourself and how to live life once infected.

The app functionality helps establish communication between physicians and patients.
Every patient has a personal medication timetable that is synced with the doctor’s prescriptions. They receive automatic and personalized reminders of test times and when to take medications.
Life4me+ was looking to hire developers who could complete a mobile application for humanitarian HIV work.

  • The Beetroot team developed a website, along with an iOS and Android mobile application.
  • Life4me+ was developed as a convenient communication platform for patients and physicians, adding strong data protection.

I appreciated Beetroot for their creativity. I was able to explain my idea and go through a brainstorming process. Beetroot made it seem that it was more their project than mine at times.

Dr. Alex Schneider CEO & Founder of Life4me+


Life4me+ was developed as a convenient communication platform for patients and their physicians. Our team created a website from the development side, the UX and UI. We also created an iOS and Android mobile application to help establish communication between physicians and HIV-positive patients. All app users are anonymous and their data is highly protected.

The app allows people to conveniently organize their medication timetables, set concealed and personalized reminders, request a doctor’s recommendations, or even schedule blood tests. Users can also enter test results in the app, so they will always have them on hand.

The GPS navigator helps patients find a nearby hospital, clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, peer-to-peer counseling, or an HIV organization anywhere in the world. Life4me+ also lists city and regional hotlines or HIV communities, which offer emergency assistance.


The price was important for me,  Beetroot has developed an iOS app, Android app, and web portal for doctors and patients to connect. After launch,  Beetroot has worked to create new versions and bring the app to more countries.

Dr. Alex Schneider CEO & Founder of Life4me+


Thanks to Beetroot’s cooperation, the Life4me+ app was successfully launched in the App Store. With the help of this app, people can better protect themselves and be more informed about the status of their health.
During the cooperation of Life4me+ and Beetroot, we created:

  • An iOS and Android app for doctors and patients
  • New features, quickly released  with higher quality
  • A new website version

The app has launched in 156 countries and counting. The team at Beetroot is always available and projects are completed on time. Their creativity is appreciated, as they are willing to help brainstorm ideas for the projects. The completed work has been a great value for the cost.
Dr. Alex Schneider
CEO & Founder of Life4me+

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