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Machine learning

Developed machine learning algorithms that process drone images and monitor tree health & growth, at scale.

  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • QGIS


  • Client background

    Land Life is an Amsterdam-based company that has been running reforestation projects in 25 countries since 2013. By using various technologies, they were able to make reforestation more affordable and efficient. They began using drones and UAVs for mapping, which takes a fraction of the time and only 1–2 team members.

    Eventually, they wanted to take the process a step further by developing machine learning algorithms. This would enable precise measurements and metrics, such as the health of the trees, the geolocation, how fast they’re growing, etc. To help them develop the algorithms, they needed a reliable partner with AI & ML expertise.

  • Cooperation recap

    • Beetroot’s AI & ML team helped develop machine learning algorithms that process drone images and monitor tree health & growth, at scale
    • Being accessible, transparent, and responsive, the team delivered on promises and excelled at managing expectations
    • By the end of stage one, the Beetroot team helped Land Life expand their clientele and take their business to the next level


Beetroot’s senior Python team specialized in ML, Computer Vision & AI, developed machine learning algorithms to process drone images and classify various objects. Moreover, Beetroot provided Land Life with local infrastructure support and conducted onboarding for all team members. Currently, the team has finished the first stage of the project successfully and has proceeded to the second.

The Beetroot team uses a common online system to update the client on each completed stage. The system also notifies Land Life with tasks for the week, how many hours developers have worked, and the costs incurred. Due to the strategic organization of the working process, the client enjoys a high level of transparency and trust when communicating with the team.


Since Land Life began the partnership with Beetroot, their business has improved considerably. They are seeing new clientele and are able to expand the scope of their operations. Rather than doing simple mapping tasks for their clients, Land Life is now able to provide advanced options like real-time trees’ tracking and the integration of maps for online platforms. Beetroot’s developed algorithm provides our client with the ability to see the precise location of any planted tree, their overall condition, and growth parameters. This allowed Land Life to expand their services to the next level.

What our clients say

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  • Beetroot has managed the process really well and delivered what they promised. There’s a lot of transparency in working with the team. They’re realistic about what we can expect, and they’ve tailored the product to our needs.

    Gautham Ramachandra,
    Restoration Ecologist at Land Life

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