edtech and AI Beetroot whitepaper 2023

Elevating Your EdTech AI in 2023

Market, Technology & Human Expertise

Explore the market dynamics, discover best practices for AI integration and scaling in EdTech platforms, and get actionable guidance on sourcing top AI talent for sustainable growth.

Global EdTech and AI Market Highlights

  • $10 trillion

    global education and training spending by 2030

  • $6.1 billion

    expenditure on AI integration in education by 2025

  • $5.3 billion

    Generative AI in EdTech market size by 2032

  • 94%

    of organizations currently use a pre-trained model in their AI product

  • 34%

    of the typical AI budget organizations spend on data sourcing

  • 51%

    of companies consider data accuracy a critical need

  • 92%

    of companies aspire to improve their AI maturity, leading the market in the future

  • 1.4 million jobs

    a surge in demand for AI and Data Science-related roles by 2027

Dive into this whitepaper for a more comprehensive insight into:

  • Market forces and factors in global learning and AI technology (including GenAI) in EdTech

  • The connection between AI technology and education

  • The companies’ response and adoption of the new Large Language Models stack

  • Best practices for AI optimization and scaling for continuous learning experiences

  • Addressing data, talent acquisition, and other challenges for strategic growth through innovative AI solutions

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