AI in EdTech online event Beetroot

AI in EdTech: Real-World Insights on Building & Automating

2 November, 2023
(UTC+1 )

Join us to discuss real stories and practitioners’ takeaways from AI integration in EdTech.

For mature EdTech startups, established e-learning companies, and enterprises considering the integration of AI into their educational products or internal training, this webinar offers a substantive discussion on the practical aspects of AI in educational technology.

What you will learn

  • Discussion highlights

    • Generative AI in EdTech business: experience in implementing and launching AI features, attracting investment, and practical advice on fueling a successful product and company’s journey for early-stage EdTech startups;
    • The importance of AI education: how incorporating learning about AI development and related skills becomes part of modern-day sustainable tech reskilling and how AI-focused upskilling helps companies improve performance and the bottom line;
    • A five-step plan for organizations on leveraging generative AI: the role of policy in unlocking the future value, aspects of becoming an AI company, considerations on early successes and long-term vision, building and learning with small POCs, and more.
  • Why attend?

    • Obtain valuable, hands-on insights from industry experts.
    • Learn actionable strategies for implementing AI in your organization.
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue with peers facing similar challenges and opportunities.

We are delighted to introduce our lineup of speakers:

  • Anastasiia Petrova

    Strategic Partnership Lead at Beetroot Academy. Anastasiia will share our strides in making AI education a beacon for sustainable tech reskilling, reaching out to communities far and wide. On one side, the focus on AI is part of Beetroot Academy’s approach toward up-to-date skill enhancement in tech. On the other hand, implementing AI-enhanced upskilling within IT companies helps them improve efficiency and profitability.

  • Dmytro Voloshyn

    CTO and co-founder of Preply. Dmytro will unfold the narrative of integrating AI in language learning, sharing Preply’s inspiring success story fueled by a hearty $70M investment. EdTech startups and entrepreneurs will benefit from the practical advice and tips on attracting investment and making it work for AI development in different scenarios.

  • Philip Stelter

    Сo-founder of Clearly Partners, a consultancy designed to help organizations integrate and innovate with generative AI. As a business advisor and marketing consultant, Philip leverages 20+ years in leadership roles across startups and agencies (from WPP to indy ones). For those seeking a practical roadmap for infusing generative AI into organizations, our speaker will present a step-by-step guideline on rolling out Gen AI from policy considerations to vision, testing, and learning with small POCs.

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