HealthTech Mess-ups & Fix-Ups Webinar

X-Raying HealthTech: Mess-up & Fix-up Stories

4 June, 2024
(UTC+2 )

Join us for a candid dive into the real-life experiences of HealthTech leaders.

Navigating the innovation world is rarely straightforward, especially in such a tightly regulated industry as Health Tech. That’s why we’re bringing together voices from the forefront of health technology to share not just their wins but also the stumbles and hiccups that taught them the most.


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Why attend

  • Event highlights

    • Real stories from real leaders: Engage with raw, unfiltered experiences of industry veterans who’ve navigated the ups and downs of HealthTech.
    • Valuable lessons from missteps: Discover how setbacks can clear the path for new ideas with insights you simply won’t get from business books.
    • Q&A session: Got questions? Get answers. Learn from the experiences of others and perhaps sidestep some pitfalls yourself.
  • What you'll discover

    • Genuine experiences: Embrace the candid sharing of challenges faced and overcome, which could spark your next big idea or solution.
    • Actionable takeaways: Equip yourself with practical advice and strategies that have proven their worth in the real MedTech world.
    • Follow-up materials: After the webinar, receive curated follow-up materials that build on the event’s insights.

Meet the speakers

  • Vital Rozhevski | HealthTech Webinar by Beetroot

    Vital Rozhevski

    Co-Founder Numo ADHD

    Vital Rozhevsky is a seasoned product manager with 9 years of experience in building and launching complex solutions. Currently, he is leading Numo ADHD, a platform dedicated to helping neurodivergent individuals be productive and supported. Previously, he managed products at, the world’s largest language tutoring marketplace, and launched Raply for the US market. At Melltoo, a Middle East-focused 500 Startups company, Vital honed his skills over four years.

  • Freddie Dean, OpenPlay | Beetroot webinar

    Freddie Dean

    Chief Product Officer, OpenPlay

    Freddie has 6 years of experience in building and scaling SaaS products for the health, leisure and fitness industry. Freddie currently holds the role of CPO at OpenPlay who are on a Mission to build Technology for a Healthier World. Freddie was the first hire in the OpenPlay Product team, who worked to deliver Flow, a Leisure Management system powering UK’s largest Leisure provider, Greenwich Leisure Limited.

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