Tech team onboarding for lasting success - Beetroot event

How to Onboard Your Tech Team for Lasting Success

22 February, 2024

Beetroot, in partnership with Curiosity Lab, invites you to join us on Feb 22 for a meaningful discussion.

We’re bringing together accomplished leaders to explore the ins and outs of building and managing tech teams. Whether your team members are sharing an office or spread across different time zones, we’ll offer practical advice on how to keep your team engaged and committed, especially during that crucial first year.


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What you will learn

  • Discussion highlights

    • Considerations for building and retaining strong tech teams: how team retention impacts the business, the do’s and don’ts in team onboarding, and the role of leadership in tech force retention, as well as the need for solid synergy between HR and business development.
    • Road-tested recruitment tips for building future-proof teams: how onboarding lays the groundwork for team success, the importance of wise management, navigating the pivotal team time markers, building up resilience, and more.
  • Why attend?

    • Obtain valuable, hands-on insights from industry experts.
    • Learn actionable tips for building and retaining diverse tech teams in your organization.
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue with peers facing similar challenges and opportunities.

We are excited to introduce our speakers:

  • Steven Sheffield

    A tech leader with over two decades of experience in traffic and transportation engineering, electronic tolling, and intelligent infrastructure development. With a proven track record of building and leading high-performance teams, Steven excels in guiding organizations towards optimal use of technology while fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. His roles as Product Marketing and Strategy Lead at Seyond (formerly Innovusion) and Director of Business Development at Seoul Robotics underscore his skill in motivating teams to achieve shared goals and secure lasting success. Steven will share proven tactics for building strong international tech teams:

    1. The business impact of retaining a solid team
    2. The role of leadership in tech team retention
    3. How business development and HR can collaborate for team success
  • Tania Boichenko

    Tania Boichenko

    HR consultant, CPO at Beetroot (2015-2023). Tetiana Boichenko is an expert in designing, developing, and optimizing structures and processes aligned with business needs while prioritizing the teams’ and clients’ well-being, a people-centric approach, and empathetic leadership. She will share important, road-tested tips from an HR professional standpoint, namely:

    1. The critical role of onboarding in tech team success
    2. Setting up a remote tech team for success: the importance of wise management
    3. Navigating the pivotal first 6 months
    4. The essentials for your tech team’s first year
    5. The resilient team with super-powers as the result of trust and transparency

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