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Remote Tech Team Leadership: How to Achieve High Performance

8 June, 2023
(UTC+3 )

Join us for an hour-long session featuring three industry experts who will share their insights and best practices for building and sustaining high-performance remote tech teams.

Building and sustaining high-performance remote tech teams is more critical than ever in economic uncertainty. However, it’s not just about putting together a group of talented individuals – it’s about creating a sustainable team that can deliver outstanding results over the long term. Join us to learn the universal characteristics of high-performance teams, specific strategies for building and sustaining a high-performance remote tech team, the importance of embracing the diversity of thought and skill sets, how to create a culture of open communication, the value of investing in continuous learning; How to lead by example and encourage autonomy; Managing a team in crisis times.

We are delighted to introduce our speakers to you:

  • Yael Brookes

    Yael Brookes is the CTO at SteamaCo and an expert in building tech for sustainable energy distribution in emerging markets. In today’s meeting, she will focus on explaining the differences between managing teams before and after COVID-19, best practices in managing remote tech teams, misconceptions about remote teams, and encouraging autonomy in remote tech teams.

  • Oleg Danylenko

    Is the Co-Founder & CEO at Teemyco, a virtual office collaborative platform for remote team management. He will talk about the typical remote team challenges and how businesses solve them, working with remote teams on different kinds of products; Importance of loyalty, culture, and collaboration in remote work; How to build a one-team culture and create a safe environment of transparency, trust, and empowerment.

  • Tania Boichenko

    CPO at Beetroot. Tetiana Boichenko is an expert in designing, developing, and optimizing structures and processes aligned with business needs while prioritizing the teams’ and clients’ well-being, a people-centric approach, and empathetic leadership.

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