WordPress Solutions

In a project setup, we take care of everything and at any level of project complexity. Just give us the specs and we’ll manage the entire process.

WP based web application, business e-commerce/woocommerce solutions - mobile or desktop platforms
hire wordpress consultant for your business - either enterprise or SMB

Who is project delivery option for?

Beetroot works with a lot of different types of businesses. Our typical WordPress project delivery client is a digital agency that needs white label website design and development – but only sometimes. We typically work as a natural extension to their in-house team of WordPress experts, helping them better handle intensity peaks.

This is what I need
find full-time WordPress developer or designer for ecommerce or content websites

What are the benefits of working on project basis?

In project delivery, Beetroot takes responsibility for delivering according to specifications. This offer is ideal when you prioritize predictability, have a clear vision of development solutions you want, and a short- or mid-term perspective.

This is what I need
professional wordpress development - best wordpress experts or web designer for hire

Will I be able to talk directly with the developers?

We believe project development works best in a tight and honest dialogue, so you’ll be talking directly to the developer, but you’ll also receive help and guidance from our experienced project management folks.

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format-img invoicing solutions to build business websites including diverse plugins and themes $35/h

Fixed Price

You pay a total fixed price for the defined scope. You will not pay more than the total fixed price.

format-img pricing for small business WordPress websites and enterprise solutions $35/h

Time & Material

You pay for the actual time spent. You will pay for the exact hours used to realize the project.


compare different site options and technical features

01 Evaluation

We put together an assessment of costs, time & resources – and sign it off with you.

stage of coding and creating the website

02 Production

Project development in tight dialogue to make sure we’re always synchronized. You will be talking directly to the developers. Normally we can start the project in 3-5 days after your approval.

checking website performance, errors and solutions

03 Quality Assurance

Our QA folks run a feedback fixing dialogue with the developer, before delivery. As soon as the project is done we really appreciate your feedback – any issues will be sorted together.

we use the best technologies to provide unique premium WP websites

04 Delivery

Bring out the champagne/borsch and celebrate! Reap the rewards of working with the coolest bunch of developers on the block. We either move the site to your hosting or send you the files.

Post-Delivery phase in WP solutions mode

05 Post-Delivery

All our websites have a user-friendly and customizable admin dashboard so that you won’t need our developers’ help for content edits.

We guarantee that our customers are satisfied - during 3 months solve problems and find solutions

06 One month Bug Fixing

We have 30 days free bug fixing policy to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work.