Who we are

Our large WordPress team resides within Beetroot’s ecosystem of software development teams, hyper-specialized development studios and IT schools across Ukraine.


Office culture and values

Over the years, we have learned that sustainability makes or break a business arrangement. We believe in building a work culture of personal responsibility and trust, where people want to stay for a long time. This long-term, people-oriented perspective grants our developers the opportunity to continually hone their technical skills over time and help ensure that we stay at the forefront of the global WordPress movement.



Our WordPress development team is distributed across several Beetroot offices in large and mid-sized Ukrainian cities. This combination of locations allows us to balance quality of life and cost in a way that works for all parties.

Why it works

Beetroot is a social enterprise and we work close with Beetroot academy as part of the same ecosystem, where we have developers teaching WordPress.

WordPress is in our DNA

Our team is totally devoted to WordPress, staying on top of—and driving—global trends.


IT Education Network

Beetroot runs a national network of software development schools, teaching students WordPress.


Knowledge Sharing

Our senior developers function as mentors to middle and junior developers

Our team at a glance

What are his long-term plans?
He’s determined to polish his English and travel around the world.
What is he doing to relax?
He jumps in his car, pumps up the music to the full volume and drives into the sunset.
Is he the life of the party?
He’s actually very quiet, but he can make everyone around laugh until their stomachs hurt.
Does he enjoy teaching others?
Yes, he used to teach Front-end at Beetroot Academy.
Is he into sports?
Yes. Whatever sport you’re thinking of, yachting or mountain climbing, Yuri has probably done it already.
Is he a good dancer?
Surprisingly, yes. At the same time, you could never tell that by just looking at him.
Beetroot_Kushch (2)
What’s Kostia’s back-up career?
He used to be a stand-up comedian, so that’s always an option to fall back on.
What’s his favorite methodology of testing?
Ad-hoc, obviously. It doesn’t limit his freedom with specific instructions.
Is he into sports?
Yep, Kostia enjoys wakeboarding in summer and skiing in winter.
Does she like pets?
Yeah, she’s a true CatDog person (not because of the cartoon, she just loves all the fluffy pets).
What’s her attitude towards desserts?
She’s passionate about baking extraordinary cakes. She’s also known for сomplaining a lot when her cakes turn out to be anything less than perfection.
Is she into sports?
Yeah, she loves surfing and plans to move to Bali one day.