Eshmun Telenursing App

Eshmun is Beetroot’s R&D project of a telehealth app for nurses, medical practitioners, and family caregivers.

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  • Speak'n'hear assistive mobile app
  • Speak'n'hear assistive mobile app
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  • Speak'n'hear assistive mobile app


Eshmun is a telehealth app designed to enable nurses, medical practitioners, and family caregivers to monitor aging patients’ health by collecting and displaying real-time telemetry data in a user-friendly digital dashboard.

Since the combination of technologies and software solutions differs for each healthcare provider in every healthcare ecosystem, interoperability and regulatory compliance are the key product challenges.


The architecture of the Eshmun app was developed with interoperability and scalability in mind. It consists of four main layers: Clients, Communication Components, API & Management, and Storage & Infrastructure services.

  • Clients

    A Client in the app development terminology is an interface or application that a user interacts with directly. The Eshmun telemedicine platform is designed to include three Clients: one for each of the app’s user groups (patients, caregivers, and platform administrators).
    The dashboard designated for caregivers is implemented as a web portal. It’s a user-friendly hub for nurses, family members, and other care providers to get an overall picture of the patient’s health, treatment prescriptions, and relevant details. Eshmun will also include a mobile app for caregivers.

  • Communication Components

    The core feature of the Eshmun app is real-time communication using proprietary devices. The platform will use voice messaging, live chat, alerts, and safe-listing capabilities to enable patients and caregivers to interact with each other. One of the top priorities in this direction is ensuring compliance with the designated healthcare system’s regulative standards, such as HIPAA, GDPR, or PIPEDA.

  • API & Management

    The databases for the app Clients are interconnected via a system of APIs and microservices.The management layer is responsible for executing the app’s business logic for collecting, processing, storing, and routing data to users and other software. This includes such tasks as routing, authentication, notification, and pub/sub, to name a few.

  • Storage & Infrastructure Services

    The app is designed to use cloud-based services. In particular, Google JSP hosts the API and business logic layer, stores user and business data, and manages the IT infrastructure. The latter, in its turn, contains such functional modules as storing raw data and MVC and completing background operations.
    To recap the above, the data collected by the Eshmun app flow between the Clients to the API & Management layer hosted on the Google JSP.


  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile App
  • IOS
  • Android
  • The modern healthtech sector offers nearly endless opportunities. Our first step in finding ours was figuring out some essential objectives we wanted to achieve with our R&D project, both impact- and business-wise. As a Business Analyst, I was particularly motivated to find a way to match these goals. Finally, we decided to build a telehealth app as it creates a tangible difference for patients and care providers alike. In addition, telemedicine enables us to use the most cutting-edge technologies and gain further experience in navigating healthcare’s complex, highly regulated landscape.

    Natalia Kazachiner,
    Business Analyst at Beetroot


The Eshmun telenursing platform is an ongoing R&D project involving Beetroot’s senior software engineers and tech leads for approximately 6-8 hours per week. This software solution is developed to convert Beetroot’s significant cross-domain experience into a cutting-edge telehealth product benefiting patients, caregivers, and medical facilities focusing on aging health.

The platform uses its powerful toolset to improve senior people’s quality of life and extend healthcare providers’ capacity.

  • The most exciting thing for me in this project is collecting data from devices and using it to simplify caregivers’ routine tasks. Some healthcare-specific challenges, like privacy and data security, appeal to me too. Realizing that people’s lives can literally depend on your product’s reliability gives extra motivation to work harder.

    Vitalii H.,
    Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead at Beetroot

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