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Provided full-stack development services, helping the client achieve their objectives.

  • Angular
  • Docker
  • Flask
  • Python
  • Vue js


  • Client background

    Beetroot was approached by an Israeli-American healthcare startup that interprets genetic maps using machine learning and various algorithms. The client required full-stack development, addressing an array of challenges across the Front-end and Back-end of their web applications.

    They chose Beetroot over hundreds of other outsourcing companies mostly due to the fact that the Beetroot team was data-driven and precisely explained all processes behind their work. The client started working with Beetroot in early 2018 and continues collaboration to this day

  • Cooperation recap

    • Beetroot provides full-stack development services to an automated, genetic AI platform
    • The client started with 1 developer and eventually built a 10-person team
    • The team consistently delivers high-quality results, helping the client achieve their objectives


In the beginning, the client’s team consisted of only one developer. After thorough training and onboarding, the developer integrated seamlessly into the client’s in-house team. Once the collaboration began with physicians and geneticists, he incorporated their work into machine learning algorithms and then added those to the product. After several months of successful cooperation, the client decided to expand the team, hiring more developers and data scientists.

Apart from the technical specialists, Beetroot also strengthened the client’s team with a geneticist, who works directly from the Kyiv office. Currently, the Beetroot team consists of 10 specialists, developing the Front-end and Back-end side of the client’s web application, writing algorithms, creating better delivery processes and performing quality assurance of the final solution.


The Beetroot team is now fully integrated into the client’s ecosystem. The team members regularly communicate with the client and participate in discussions and planning alongside their in-house experts. Such close communication and integration formed the basis of the teams’ successful cooperation.

The code delivered by Beetroot AB is consistent in being high quality, satisfying all project requirements. The Beetroot team also supported the client in staying on top of deadlines, guiding them to meet all of the projects’ milestones and assisting in project management needs.

What our clients say

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  • Because of their focus on small teams, Beetroot has a great startup culture. This culture allows them to be very attentive to details in their work and creates a very cozy feel, making them very easy to work with.

    Co-founder & CTO of Genomics Platform

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