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eBook: Advancing HealthTech for All

Insights for building inclusive healthcare apps (+ case studies)

Discover market trends and best practices for building tech teams and promoting inclusivity in product development, as well as our real-life case studies and projects.

Digital health and assistive technology highlights

  • $528.5 billion

    global healthcare IT market size by 2030

  • 2.5 billion

    people need one or more assistive products

  • ~1.3-1.85 billion

    people with a disability impacting visual, auditory, mobility, or neurocognitive functions

  • $31.8 billion

    assistive technology market value by 2030

  • 1500+ companies

    create products specifically for people with disabilities

What you will find in this eBook:

  • Insights into the global healthcare IT and assistive technology landscape

  • How AI impacts the industry: market value, considerations, and use cases

  • Existing healthcare inequalities and how technology can address these barriers

  • Enhancing accessibility in healthcare apps: common usability problems, areas of improvement, and best practices for development teams

  • Beetroot’s from-the-field and R&D case studies

  • Factors to consider when building a domain-specific tech team

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