Creating a better world, beet by beet

2020 Sustainability Report

Doing things in a sustainable way today is how we ensure that we can continue creating impact tomorrow.


Сreating a positive difference in the world has always been at the heart of Beetroot, having grown from an enthusiastic idea of its founders to one of the company’s core values.

This report reflects the highlights of our sustainability work in 2020, also our challenges and plans in this direction.

Andreas Flodström
Co-founder and CEO of Beetroot

Explore this report to discover Beetroot's impact in:

  • Progressing with the Agenda 2030 and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Promoting high-quality education and learning opportunities in the tech industry
  • Contributing to inclusive and sustainable economic growth in Ukraine
  • Supporting climate action and responsible consumption
  • Helping improve gender equality in the tech industry
  • Converting sustainability challenges into opportunities

2020 Impact Highlights

$24 million
total economic impact of the Beetroot Ecosystem on Ukraine’s economy
total direct and indirect jobs created in Ukraine by the Beetroot Ecosystem
clients from 23 countries grow with Beetroot
of Beetroot consultants are based in small and midsize cities
of newcomers in Ukrainian Tech educated by Beetroot Academy
YoY growth rate despite the COVID-19 outbreak
of Beetroot’s tech specialists are women
trees planted in Spain in terms of Beetroot's carbon offset program

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