Beetroot Sustainability Report 2021

2021 Sustainability Report

Better World, Beet by Beet

Check the summary of Beetroot’s impact efforts in 2021 and discover opportunities for creating more ripples of positive change together.

  • We planned to release this report in early 2022, but Russia’s ruthless invasion of Ukraine has changed our course. It didn’t ruin it, though. Moreover, it made our stand as an impact-oriented organization even firmer.

    2021 was full of meaningful ideas and achievements, which we invite you to discover in this overview.

    Andreas Flodstrӧm
    Co-Founder & CEO of Beetroot

2021 Impact Highlights

  • $47 Million

    total economic impact of the Beetroot ecosystem on Ukraine’s economy

  • 4,300-4,900

    total direct and indirect jobs created in Ukraine by the Beetroot ecosystem

  • 222

    clients from 24 countries grow with Beetroot

  • 62%

    of Beetroot consultants are based in small and midsize cities

  • 5%

    of newcomers in Ukrainian Tech are educated by Beetroot Academy

  • 170

    scholarship for women from rural and marginalized communities

  • 61%

    of the Beetroot Academy graduates are women

  • 10,000

    trees to be planted in Ukraine on behalf of Beetroot

Explore this report to discover Beetroot's impact in:

  • Accelerating the progress for Agenda 2030 and UN SDGs

  • Improving access to high-quality tech education

  • Reinforcing Ukrainian economy

  • Promoting climate awareness and responsible consumption Facilitating gender equality in the tech industry

  • Facilitating gender equality in the tech industry

  • Supporting health and well-being

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