2021 Ukrainian Tech Market Report - Beetroot

Ukraine: The Home of Great Devs 2021 Tech Market Report

Get an insight into Ukrainian Tech’s current state and discover the significant benefits of outsourcing your software development projects to Ukraine.

  • We already see a record amount of vacancies in Ukrainian IT, and the demand will continue to escalate in 2021 and onwards. The main bottleneck for growth will be the tech ecosystem’s capability to raise new specialists. For instance, Beetroot Academy’s development is among our top priorities, and I believe many companies will invest in accumulating their tech education forces.

    Andreas Flodström
    Founder & CEO, Beetroot

Report Highlights

  • $5.03 Billion

    export of IT services in 2020

  • $268 Million

    raised in 2019 by Gitlab, owned by an entrepreneur from Kharkiv

  • 3,000-5,000

    IT companies in Ukraine

  • 5th Best in the World

    the rank of Ukrainian developers in the 2019 Skillvalue report

  • 90,000

    tech specialists in Kyiv

  • 26,000

    tech specialists in Lviv

Explore this report to discover:

  • Impressive IT Services Market Growth: Discover the 20% growth rate in Ukraine’s IT Services market and the expanding pool of over 200,000 tech specialists.

  • Tech Business Climate Insights: Gain insights into Ukraine’s political, economic, and anti-corruption infrastructure, vital for tech business.

  • Software Developer Salaries: Analyze in-depth data on software developer salaries across Ukraine, including regional comparisons.

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Tech Sector: Understand how the pandemic has affected job markets and tech operations in Ukraine.

  • Gender Diversity and Job Satisfaction: Find out about gender balance, job satisfaction levels, and factors influencing job contentment among Ukrainian tech professionals.