Greentech Report 2023

Technology and Sustainable Development for Net Zero

Get an insight into the market's current state and outlook for innovative technologies. Learn how to maximize your positive impact with strategic engineering capacity.


Global GreenTech Highlights

$10.1 trillion
environmental tech revenues by 2030
$59 billion
ClimateTech investment in 2022
green unicorns & decacorns needed by 2030
+1.3 million
CleanTech talent needed by 2030

Explore this report to take a deeper look into:

  1. GreenTech and ClimateTech market dynamics, drivers, and challenges
  2. Environmental startup activity areas and innovations attracting the most investment
  3. CleanTech trends for 2023 that accelerate the green transition
  4. Software technology propelling industry innovation, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Data Science, and more
  5. Sustainable software development and factors to consider for impactful business scaling