Essential Digital Accessibility Checklist

This checklist reflects our dedication to enhancing digital accessibility and provides valuable tips for integrating these practices into your organization. Use it as an interactive guide to track and manage your progress in implementing inclusive digital solutions.

  • The first reason why businesses should prioritize web accessibility is to provide equal opportunities to people with and without disabilities. The second one is avoiding an expensive lawsuit since different countries have different regulations regarding web accessibility. I strongly suggest you stick to the first reason: equal opportunities.

    Maksym Kalashnykov,
    WordPress developer at Beetroot & Digital accessibility expert

Quick digital accessibility facts:

  • ~1.3 billion

    people worldwide experience significant disability

  • Only 3%

    of the Internet is completely accessible (as of 2022)

This checklist includes essential guidelines covering the following key areas:

  • Design: principles and design elements to consider when building an inclusive product.

  • Development: tick all the boxes to ensure a development process that enhances accessibility.

  • Organizational strategy: steps to integrate accessibility.

  • Compliance: directions to follow to adhere to accepted standards.

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