When things get apocalyptic, it’s good to have a dedicated development team that will keep working on your projects. Here are our nuggets of wisdom on some real dedication, which stay true even when the world approaches an end.

Maximize your brand experience from the first moment somebody enters

If you want to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere, not only for your own in-house or off-site teams but also for visitors, such as a candidate who has applied for a Python developer vacancy, or a hot lead you’ve been nurturing over the past months – then you have to make a bold statement by the door. This first impression will be carried throughout someone’s stay on the premises.

Never skimp on coffee and beer

It’s said that beer makes your creative juices flow and that coffee increases productivity. Know when the time is right for each, and make sure that you invest enough in it. After all, your team, whether developers or other talent, will drink a lot of it throughout life! PS: Great coffee can also be a nice recruitment pitch when hiring.

Sometimes, people have a hard time adapting to a new organization reality

When an organization moves from hierarchy to self-management, some people don’t easily transform in their mindset. It will quickly become clear to whom this applies. For someone working with a non-development role, this can manifest in boxed-in thinking and conscious subservience of someone they consider a senior. For a Python or Java developer, it can manifest in a lack of proactivity and (user-oriented) empathetic mindset.

You won’t be able to avoid conference call problems. Ever

Working in a distributed team, there is a zero percent probability that you don’t use video calls on a daily basis. And if you do, you know how frustrating they can be. Like that time when you couldn’t understand what your remote CTO or team lead was saying about their current Docker configuration, and just sat there smiling. Technologies can fail sometimes, so make sure that you have a backup plan.

A positive, inspiring environment can make or break a person’s day

If you spotted that your developers’ team stopped posting geeky jokes on Slack or other communication channels, maybe the working environment is getting on them. Brightening your office atmosphere with positive vibes and a fair amount of bells and whistles can really boost a distributed team’s level of motivation.

At least in virtual reality, we can be who we want to be

Now virtual reality is an exciting new domain, whether we’re talking UX or game development. One might even say that it’s one of today’s frontiers of humanity – one of the frontiers of everything. Still may take a while until we have a HoloDeck à Star Trek, though.

Physical health affects mental health. Don’t neglect it!

This doesn’t mean that you should weightlift old Compaq Presarios, but when recruiting developers and other IT talent, maybe you want to keep health as part of the dialogue. For sustainability.

Even if we think we know what we’re doing, we’re all kind of blind to the inclinations of fate and randomness.

The world is changing fast. Technologies change even faster. Development languages like C#, Java, Python, and libraries like Angular and Node.js have all come a long way since the beginning. Technology in a broader sense has developed in ways we’d never think was possible only 20 years ago. Whatever you feel to be the right way of doing things can change in no time. Remember to stay open-minded and flexible. Maybe even agile.

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