JavaScript developers are in high demand, but that factor doesn’t correspond to the number of dedicated JavaScript developers available in the market. Many developers know some JavaScript, and it’s easy to find one that can code basic JavaScript. While they may know a bit of JavaScript to get by, choosing a dedicated JavaScript professional is always a better return on investment resulting in a higher-quality finished product. 

The line between a good JavaScript developer and a great developer is often hard to determine, as it’s a fine line that includes other factors besides JavaScript coding aptitude, such as soft skills. You need a developer that will be a good fit for your team and complement the existing team structure and workflow style. 

In-house recruitment and hiring is an expensive and lengthy process for hiring JS developers and other technical professionals. Working with a development partner like Beetroot is an excellent way to source top JavaScript engineers. With a partner approach to talent recruitment, you’ll have access to the strongest global talent markets, flexible team scaling, and forego the frustrating, costly process of handling developer sourcing, hiring, and training of in-house staff yourself. 

Why JavaScript is a Popular Choice for Software Development

2022 is the tenth year in a row that JavaScript tops the list of most commonly used programming languages by professional developers. JavaScript is a fundamental programming language for making dynamic, interactive web pages, applications, and cloud-supported web functionalities. 

According to a 2022 survey by Stack Overflow of the most-used programming languages by professional developers, JavaScript was chosen by 67.90% of developers. Following JavaScript is HTML/CSS at 54.93%, SQL at 52.64%, and Python at 43.51%. 

Web-based projects simply cannot do without talented JavaScript specialists. While a frequently underrated programming language, those that know, know there are clear benefits to the things you can accomplish with a professional JavaScript engineer on your development team. 

JavaScript Does What Other Programming Languages Cannot

  • Architect, design, and develop web applications
  • Quickly create prototypes of new ideas, concepts, and designs
  • Create engaging, visually-stimulating, easy-to-update dynamic content for UI/UX
  • Do all of the above while only using one set of technologies, JavaScript

JavaScript Developers’ Roles

Keep in mind that while hiring mid-to-senior level JS engineers will be a costly investment, especially if they’re one of the best professionals in your talent pool, the top JavaScript developers will be worth their cost. If you can get by with a junior JavaScript developer, you’ll save some money, but if it’s a high-level project, you’ll need a dedicated expert to avoid costly redesign and recoding.

Front-End JavaScript Developers

Front-end-focused JS engineers spend their time developing and optimizing the client side of your web-based software project, the user interface (UI). Front-end JS devs are knowledgeable in user experience and web design and can convert mock-ups of your project into functional, testable interfaces. 

Back-End JavaScript Developers

If you’ve chosen to hire separate front and back-end JavaScript specialists rather than full-stack software engineers, you’ll need back-end developers to design and construct the software application’s server-side “back-end” functionality.  

Full-Stack JavaScript Developers

The full package as a developer, full-stack developers can design the front-end user interface and the back-end inner mechanics that make your software or web application function as intended. 

The most significant advantage of hiring a full-stack JavaScript developer, or team of full-stack developers, is completing projects with fewer team members and a lower overall overhead cost than hiring specialty programmers. 

Hire JavaScript Developers in EU

JavaScript Developers’ Roles 

Tech StackRole
Front-endDeveloping new user-facing features
Determining the best structure and design of web pages
Building reusable code
Optimizing page loading times
Using a variety of markup languages to create web pages 
Back-endBuild and maintain the mechanisms that process data and perform actions on websites 
Design and write the web services and APIs used by front-end and mobile app devs
Responsible for data storage, system security, and other server-side functions
Full-stackMaster of front and back-end web and mobile application development
Developer of both client and server software
Master of HTML and CSS who also knows how to:
– Program a browser (JS, jQuery, Angular, Vue)
– Program a server (Node.js)
– Program a database (like MongoDB)

Possible JavaScript Developer Responsibilities (Dependent on the Specificities of Job Descriptions)

The responsibilities of JS depend on whether they’re front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers and their employer’s specific requirements. The following examples are common responsibilities for each role.  

Front-End JS Developers

  • Ensuring the feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Analyze and enhance the performance of the main front-end website
  • Modification of the designs and specifications of complex applications 
  • Analyzing code, requirements, system risks, and software reliability
  • Collaborating with other front-end developers and back-end JavaScript developers to optimize web performance 

Back-End JS Developers

  • Integrating user-facing elements developed by front-end JavaScript developers with server-side logic
  • Creating reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Optimizing the application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implementing security and data protection
  • Designing and implementing data storage solutions

Full-Stack JS Developers

  • Designing and maintaining websites and systems 
  • These platforms are developed to function independently without reliance on third-party services to maintain consistency
  • Managing both the client and server-side of these platforms and services, ensuring consistent functionality 
  • Work with design teams to ensure user interactions on web pages are intuitive and engaging
  • Provide high-level back-end functionality that runs smoothly on any device or commonly used browser type 

Where to Hire JavaScript Developers 

You can find JavaScript developers through a multitude of methods. You might source a remote JavaScript developer from platforms like Upwork or post job openings on Indeed, Glassdoor, and similar job boards. 

Sourcing and hiring in-house JavaScript developers and other tech professionals is costly and time-consuming. If you’re in a time crunch and don’t have time to waste sourcing new talent, one of the best methods for finding top JavaScript developers is to use a dedicated team provider, such as Beetroot. 

Benefits of a Dedicated Team Model for Finding Top JavaScript Developers

For companies looking to hire in-demand tech professionals, such as certified JavaScript developers, one of the best ways to source top talent is to use a dedicated team provider, such as Beetroot. 

Beetroot offers companies scaling up their development teams a curated approach to sourcing top tech talent, including JavaScript developers. Known as the Dedicated Development Team Model, Beetroot provides businesses an easy, accessible option to hire JavaScript developers and other in-demand tech professionals. 

The backbone of the Dedicated Team Model is Beetroot’s tech consultancy and solutions portfolio. We handle the sourcing, hiring, training, and administrative processes related to outstaffed team members, helping your business scale your development team with new JavaScript developers and getting the team in place in weeks, not months. 

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