Founded five years ago, Normative is an IT-startup that helps large companies analyze and calculate sustainability-related data, including CO2 emissions, water, and chemical usage, social responsibility, and more. Despite 15 experts on board, Normative does not have their own tech capacity.

The company’s codebase was initially written by a data scientist and its quality wasn’t up to par. Normative was recommended to approach Beetroot to help improve and develop the Back-end of their website. The cooperation began in 2019 and is still ongoing.

  • Normative, a tech startup that solves sustainability-related issues, approached Beetroot to revise and polish their existing codebase
  • The Beetroot team provided top-notch Back-end development related to data science and data engineering
  • According to the Code Climate tool, the quality of Normative code has risen to the second-highest rank

Beetroot’s breadth of knowledge on different frameworks and technologies is impressive. We were using a somewhat niche or rare framework, and were struggling to find people who even knew about it. Beetroot developers were acquainted with it and easily accomplished tech tasks of all complexity.

Adam Wamai Egesa Co-Founder and CTO at Normative


The Beetroot team mainly works on improving and transforming existing code. They also help with Back-end Python development related to data science and data engineering. Since the Normative project was designed to calculate the environmental footprint and scrap data, Beetroot developers helped create tests for various companies’ services and offers. The team uses Slack for daily communication and Jira for project management tasks.


Beetroot developers have strong English skills and are great at communicating their recommendations and opinions. They presented various code-related options for us to choose from. They have their own project management system, where we can assess how things are going and plan next steps. Overall, the working process is well-organized and comfortable for both sides.

Adam Wamai Egesa Co-Founder and CTO at Normative


The main objective for outsourcing tech expertise was to improve the quality of code. The Beetroot team exceeded the client’s expectations. The Code Climate tool revealed that Normative’s code rose from being exceptionally poor to the second-highest ranking. While the project has not been launched into production yet, and there is no user feedback to estimate results, the client is happy with our cooperation so far. The Beetroot team has helped Normative get as close as possible to the production stage, accomplishing technically-challenging tasks within a short period of time.

I would definitely recommend working with Beetroot if you have the same technical needs as we do. The team delivers exceptional, high-quality results right on time. My advice would be to set up a call and talk through whatever work you have. I think Beetroot will solve the problem.

Beetroot & Normative - Client Testimonial
Adam Wamai Egesa
Co-Founder and CTO at Normative

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