Founded in 2014, Beetroot’s client is an educational organization, helping students begin their careers in IT. Previously they had a more basic learning management system (LMS), which only allowed teachers to store learning materials and select students for future courses.

By 2019, the company was continuing to see exponential growth, opening new schools, and offering a variety of courses. The existing LMS could no longer handle the working process, so they needed a new system with added CRM software to manage sales — and this is where Beetroot came in.

  • Beetroot created a new LMS for an educational organization
  • The team developed a powerful and responsive system with microservices and the ability to connect to any API
  • Alongside the LMS, a web editor and CRM were added, helping the client to continue its rapid growth of educating 1000+ students annually

It sounds like a cliche, but they truly live up to their slogan — the home of great teams!

СOO in a SaaS education platform


The solution was to build a brand new architecture, using GraphQL and Prisma technologies. This allowed the client to create a very powerful system with a structure of microservices and the ability to connect to any API. The user interface has a responsive design and is ready for integrations with other cloud technologies. Alongside LMS, our team developed a landing page/web editor and a CRM system.


We grew rapidly over the recent season and needed a team of developers who could support and enhance our growth with top-notch coding. Partnering with Beetroot helped us achieve our goals and even exceed them. They did a great job and we will definitely team up with them in the future.

СOO in a SaaS education platform


Today, the organization educates 1000+ students every year, rapidly expanding to the new cities and abroad. As the number of students is expected to grow further, the new LMS is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of users and has already been adopted as a standalone white-label solution.

The Beetroot team created a few useful features within the LMS, allowing students and teachers to assimilate the material comfortably and effectively. These features include an intuitive interface, GDPR Compliance, quizzes, groups, modules, landing pages to connect all groups, a cloud-based system, and subversion content.

During COVID-19, all education had to move online. The new platform allowed rapid accommodation for the client without any hassle.


Working with Beetroot is always a pleasure. We basically came in with the idea of how we wanted our product to work and they helped us carry it out – from distilling our ideas to creating the actual features. Communication has been tremendous. Beetroot’s rigid processes and experience of working with distributed teams and software development have made for effective collaboration.

Head of Global Operations in a SaaS education platform

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