Tech’s Power in Sustainability: From CSRD Obligation to Opportunity

Tech’s Power in Sustainability: From CSRD Obligation to Opportunity

18 April, 2024

Join us to discuss the role of tech in sustainability, navigate the intricacies of CSRD compliance, and set our sights on impactful CSR/ESG initiatives.

This event is designed for companies navigating the complexities of the sustainability reporting legislation. Let’s talk with experts and fellow business leaders to explore how businesses can transform CSRD from a compliance hurdle into a strategic asset that drives competitive advantage.


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Why attend

  • Discussion highlights

    • Decision-maker challenges with EU CSRD legislation
    • Advancements in sustainability reporting and CSR/ESG practices
    • The role of digital tools in enhancing sustainability efforts
    • Insights from experts on converting CSRD compliance into strategic advantage
    • Strategies for transforming CSRD compliance into a competitive edge
  • What you'll gain

    • Clarify CSRD: Unpack the confusion and uncertainty surrounding CSRD compliance and discuss how it can be a catalyst for sustainable business practices.
    • Discover how Tech can help: Learn how digital solutions can streamline your CSRD reporting, enhance your sustainability initiatives, and improve your supply chain.
    • Exchange ideas: Gain valuable insights from experts in the sustainability area and fellow business leaders and ask questions directly relevant to your business challenges and opportunities during Q&A.

Meet our panel speakers

  • Rana Ersgard | Beetroot

    Rana Ersgård

    Co-CEO Beetroot

    Rana brings over 20 years of experience from health tech to leading roles in IT, with a deep belief in technology as a key to global sustainable development goals. Rana is also a board member of a non-profit, further exemplifying her commitment to creating meaningful change.

  • Klaudia Shevelyuk

    Klaudia Shevelyuk

    Strategic Sustainability Senior Consultant at Ramboll Management Consulting

    Klaudia brings 20 years of expertise in sustainability, climate, and social resilience, with a focus on project management across both international and local organizations. Over the last decade, she has spearheaded climate-related projects, collaborating with prestigious entities like UNDP Ukraine, UNDP Accelerators Lab in Ukraine and Syria, the UN Global Compact Network in Sweden, and the Embassies of Denmark in Poland and the Netherlands in Ukraine.

  • Pete Jefferson

    Pete Jefferson

    Sr. Vice President at BranchPattern

    Pete is a seasoned sustainability leader with over 20 years of experience in helping clients achieve resilient, high-performance buildings that meet rigorous environmental sustainability standards. As head of BranchPattern’s Building Science Practice, he drives the decarbonization of buildings and real estate portfolios, leveraging his deep knowledge in sustainable design and implementation for outstanding results.

  • Johan Lofquist

    Johan Löfquist

    Head of Sustainability Data, Worldfavor

    Johan brings over 7 years in digital transformation focused on ESG reporting. His understanding of the regulatory framework and financial reporting landscape, particularly within the European Union, helps him to navigate complex compliance landscapes. Today he leads a team of sustainability specialists responsible for delivering hands-on strategies that empower organizations with IT solutions to meet the current and future ESG reporting obligations.

  • Details on the rest of the panel discussion speakers are to be announced soon.

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