101 Relationer is a Swedish company working in the field of qualified appointment booking and new business recruitment. The company’s CRM is a very user-friendly system, which assists with the meetings, data, calendars, and plans for simplifying business communication process.

  • Beetroot team conducted a user behavior analysis to arrive at the most effective decision
  • The company has developed a 30-page user case
  • The team spent over 394 hours on this project


Beetroot team has been analyzing user behavior to ensure that our solution was meeting the requirements of a client. In this regard,  CRM was the key to developing people-oriented business. We worked with Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and HTML CSS to create a user-friendly platform.


As a result, the Beetroot team managed to develop a 30-page user case and helped 101 Relationer with becoming one of the leading booking and business communication companies in Sweden.