Learning Management System (LMS) development for Beetroot Academy

Beetroot Academy

Beetroot Tech revamped Beetroot Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS) toward a more user-friendly and efficient platform.

  • UX/UI
  • React Native
  • Java
  • GraphQL


  • Challenge

    Beetroot Academy faced several challenges with its existing LMS. The system was outdated, making it difficult to provide a modern and efficient learning experience. The UI/UX and user flows could have been more intuitive, leading to frustration among students and staff. Additionally, new integrations with systems like CRM and payment solutions were needed to streamline operations and enhance functionality.

    These issues highlighted the necessity for a comprehensive redesign to meet current educational standards and user expectations.

  • Project Recap

    • Beetroot Academy needed to rehaul its LMS, improve its usability, and integrate new capabilities.
    • Beetroot Tech’s UX/UI team crafted a sleek, modern design that addressed the needs of students and staff. Following this, our software developers brought the design to life, using React Native for the front end, Java for the back end, and GraphQL for the database.
    • The revamped LMS features a drastically improved user experience and visual appeal. It supports personalized learning and efficient management, benefiting students, teachers, managers, content authors, and administrators.
LMS UX/UI and Development


We focused on creating an effective LMS for Beetroot Academy that is functional, ergonomic, and meets modern educational standards. Our UX/UI team designed a user-friendly interface, and a dedicated team encompassing a senior full-stack developer and a junior full-stack programmer put it to life.

The technologies used included:

– React Native for a smooth, responsive experience on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android.
– Java for a robust and scalable backend.
– GraphQL for efficient data handling.

We also ensured quality by conducting comprehensive QA testing to identify and resolve any issues.

  • LMS UX/UI Design and Development for Beetroot Academy

    Site Map

    Our UX/UI team created a detailed site map to ensure logical and intuitive navigation. It allowed us to visualize the system’s structure, identify the main sections and their connections, and pinpoint necessary tweaks. By optimizing the existing structure, we made navigation easier and more efficient. Careful planning of the site map helped us achieve a convenient, intuitive, and functional design for the LMS.


We created wireframes to visualize the system’s main components and their interactions. The Beetroot Academy team tested these prototypes with a group of students to gather direct feedback and identify areas for improvement. This approach allowed us to optimize the design, making it more user-centric and convenient for students.

The wireframes became an invaluable tool in the project’s development, ensuring the final design was both effective and user-friendly.

LMS UX/UI Design and Development for Beetroot Academy - Wireframes

Student Dashboard

Our design offers students easy access to educational materials, schedules, and teacher communication, along with other essential functionalities. The interface is crafted to be user-friendly and distraction-free, ensuring an optimal learning environment.

Final Design

Our final UI blends functionality with visual appeal. Prioritizing clarity and logical structure ensures easy navigation and intuitive use. This modern design creates a convenient and effective learning environment.

UI Kit

We developed a UI kit as the design foundation for the LMS, featuring unified interface elements for consistency and quality. This kit simplifies development and updates, offering flexibility and adaptability to various needs.

LMS UX/UI Design and Development for Beetroot Academy


Our project resulted in an advanced LMS for Beetroot Academy that exceeded expectations. The interface is both visually appealing and easy to navigate, enhancing interaction with educational materials. We implemented features like personalized learning and adaptive tests to boost student engagement.

The LMS operates on Mac and Windows through default web browsers, as well as on iPhone and Android devices. Our tech team ensured seamless integration and high functionality across the system.

The comprehensive UI kit provided consistent, high-quality design throughout.

These enhancements have been well-received by the Beetroot Academy community, creating a more productive and satisfying learning environment for students.

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