Briteweb is a social impact agency with NY roots, which specializes in branding, digital and marketing solutions for nonprofits, foundations, and purpose-driven companies.

Previously, Briteweb had an unsatisfactory experience while working with an external development company. Beetroot managed to change their opinion on outsourcing by providing unimpeded communication, sharing technical expertise on various projects, and proving to be a reliable and sustainable development partner. Even more, Briteweb’s values align with the values of Beetroot, which stirred their interest in the current investment Beetroot is making in education and professional development.

  • Beetroot WordPress team helped provide flexible development capacity of 3 to 5 full-time developers, depending on the client’s project influx
  • The Beetroot team fully supported over 15 projects, from minor fixes to building new platforms from scratch
  • The client was provided with both full-time developers and on-demand T&M resources
  • Our team at Beetroot increased ticket-processing and project delivery time, helping the client to significantly reduce costs

From sales to support and development, the entire team has been a pleasure to work with.

Kelly Ostrowercha Director of Project Operations at Briteweb


Beetroot’s team is working directly with the client’s project managers, strategists, and other in-house developers to ensure the project’s on-time delivery. Currently, Briteweb has three full-time dedicated developers. If the client does not have the internal capacity to handle incoming tasks or projects, Beetroot provides them with Time & Material on-demand resources to support their operations.

Throughout the projects, Beetroot has used a standard setup of technologies, including the Sage starter theme – a part of the Roots stack. Some projects also leverage the modern front-end framework Vue.js.


Beetroot quickly and fairly solves any issues we may have. The developers are highly skilled and very hard working. From a client satisfaction standpoint, it has done so much for our business by being able to move through tickets and projects faster with these skilled and dedicated resources.

Kelly Ostrowercha Director of Project Operations at Briteweb


As a result of our cooperation, we helped Briteweb scale up their business. Beetroot handles various types of projects, beginning from minor fixes and support of the existing sites, to more complex integrations and WP builds from scratch. Our team built these two sites for Briteweb agency: and
One of the developers is fully dedicated to the support of over 15 projects.

They are on top of everything: from invoice breakdowns to solving any issues that may arise. They are willing to invest in new aspects of their business to strengthen the partnership they have with us. Beetroot is far beyond other agencies we have worked with from a skill, communication and issue resolution perspective.

Kelly Ostrowercha
Director of Project Operations at Briteweb

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