Pixel specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps clients with both on- and off-page SEO.

They needed help from someone who focused solely on WordPress development. Building a remote team was something they specifically wanted to try out.

They decided to look at having a development team in Ukraine, firstly because Beetroot had been recommended to them by a partner, and secondly because of the country’s known availability of qualified WordPress developers. They needed specialists who would make the development process easier and more cost-efficient.

  • Beetroot has helped Pixel build a team of 3 WordPress developers to help with SEO web development
  • Chose a mid-sized city for team, to keep costs down

Be open-minded: In order to make things work, it’s necessary to be open-minded. I think this is important for in-house teams too because we’re all different and, as coworkers, we need to accept other people’s unique traits.

Renée Erlandsson Pixel Nordic AB


Pixel required high-quality WordPress support, fast. Beetroot recruited a team of dedicated WordPress developers as per Pixel’s exact specifications, housed in Beetroot’s offices in Poltava. Especial attention was paid to maintain an open dialogue and ensure as much autonomy as possible in the Poltava-based team.


For us, hiring junior and mid-level developers was the right thing to do, as many of our tasks are on that level of complexity. If we hired senior developers, they would get up to speed very quickly, but on the other hand, they might get bored just as quickly.

Renée Erlandsson Project Manager at Pixel Nordic AB


Over the past year, Beetroot has helped Pixel take care of the dedicated WordPress team. Communication between the developers and the in-house team has been direct and honest, and free English courses have helped the developers grow more confident in their English level.

  • Reliable access to dedicated WordPress development
  • A team that Pixel includes in their daily workflow and that Beetroot helps take care of and evolve.

Our team with Beetroot has been an important part of our growth journey. We needed WordPress specialists to make the development process easier and more cost-efficient for us. Beetroot has done a tremendous job to help us with this.
Renée Erlandsson
Project Manager at Pixel Nordic AB

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