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Beetroot provided UI/UX, HR services, and custom software development for an AI/ML company building an award-winning AI engine for scientific text understanding.

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  • Client background is a software company that works in the AI and machine learning (ML) field, creating language models for research organizations and helping expedite R&D processes in material science companies. Their flagship product, the Researcher Workspace, uses smart AI/NLP tools to facilitate research document processing, enabling users to search for papers based on concepts rather than just keywords. It makes it easier to find papers relevant to a particular research question or area of interest, extract and systemize data, analyze large document sets, summarize them to get a quick overview, and more.


    Beetroot was recommended to by their Swedish connection. At the time, they needed expertise in frontend development, mainly UX-related, as they grappled with a significant adoption barrier for AI and ML tools within their field. The client began working with Beetroot in 2015, and the collaboration is ongoing.

  • Cooperation recap

    • The expertise and support provided by Beetroot have been extremely valuable in developing the client’s platform;
    • Beetroot has provided UI/UX design and development services to build user-friendly interfaces for the clients of and HR services to source the required candidates;
    • The team is skilled, loyal, and always informed about the latest tech trends. Beetroot has a strong work culture and quickly identifies and suggests suitable candidates to meet the client’s project needs.


Beetroot assembled a dedicated team for, consisting of four developers, a project manager, and an HR expert, to aid in the development of their platform. Initially, the client shared a concept document outlining their communication goals and expectations for the platform. Using this as a foundation, Beetroot crafted the concept design, wireframes, and, eventually, the final solution. The team has worked on the web and mobile versions using AngularJS and developed unique design features, e.g., animations. As the cooperation continues, Beetroot AB supports the client in scaling their team by sourcing personnel when needed.


Beetroot has been an instrumental partner in the development of the platform. As a user-centered team, we understand the importance of creating a platform that meets the needs and expectations of the client’s users. During this collaboration, Beetroot helped the client build a platform they can proudly present to the world.

The client admitted the value of the chosen cooperation setup with the Beetroot team. With most of the project management work managed on the client’s side, there is a reduced risk of going over budget, and the client can maintain control over the project development process to ensure that all requirements are met. That has been an essential aspect of the successful collaboration between the two companies.

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  • I recommend not spending much time evaluating many companies and going directly to Beetroot AB frontend development and UI/UX design projects. Beetroot AB’s team is loyal and skilled enough to help their clients even if they don’t have the complete documentation or scope yet.

    Victor Botev,
    CTO & Founder of (quote from the Clutch review)

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