Beetroot designed an intuitive and visually appealing mobile app for InviSense to facilitate sensor installation and data reading at construction sites. The project focused on improving the user experience, simplifying data handling processes, and effectively showcasing the client’s brand values.

  • Mobile app
  • Redesign
  • UX/UI


  • Challenge

    InviSense specializes in innovative sensor technology, providing solutions for measuring and monitoring moisture levels in buildings. Their products help prevent water damage and optimize building maintenance, ensuring long-term structural health and efficiency.

    Before approaching Beetroot, InviSense struggled with an existing application that was confusing and did not effectively perform its intended functions.

    At Beetroot, we are particularly excited to collaborate with impact-driven companies like InviSense. With innovative sensor technology that prevents water damage and optimizes maintenance, the client contributes to a more sustainable construction industry.

  • Project Recap

    • InviSense engaged Beetroot to overhaul their cumbersome and ineffective mobile application.
    • Beetroot conducted a thorough discovery phase and designed an intuitive, user-friendly interface to streamline sensor installation.
    • The outcome was a visually appealing app that mirrored the ease of consumer devices, enhanced user experience, improved data management, and effectively communicated the client’s brand values.

The UX/UI team at Beetroot used flow maps to depict workflows and user journeys in a clear and organized manner. This helps us understand the user’s journey, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize the user experience.

UX/UI Design project for InviSense

Wireframes serve as a blueprint or skeleton of the app, providing a clear framework for how content and functionality will be organized without getting into detailed visual design aspects.


To address InviSense’s challenges and enhance their application, Beetroot implemented the following solutions:

  • Conducted a detailed discovery phase, including stakeholder interviews and an assessment of existing tools, to pinpoint InviSense’s specific challenges and requirements.
  • Created wireframes and flow maps to streamline key use cases, such as sensor installation, data reading, and information transfer, simplifying and enhancing functionality.
  • Designed an intuitive, user-friendly interface with modern design elements to improve the user experience and effectively represent the client’s brand values.

One of the primary flows in our design was the sensor scanning process. This image illustrates the logical paths that connect the screens, establishing a coherent user journey from start to finish.


Beetroot’s UX team delivered an upgraded app interface that significantly enhanced the user experience. The app now features streamlined processes for sensor installation, data reading, and information transfer, making it much more efficient and ensuring users can easily and effectively utilize the sensor technology.

Additionally, the modern design effectively showcases InviSense’s brand values, boosting the company’s credibility and customer satisfaction.

Final touch

The ultimate design choice where careful arrangement and seamless interactions come together to craft a captivating and user-friendly experience.

Project Testimonials

  • Working with InviSense was a great experience. It feels good knowing our mobile app design is helping make buildings safer and more sustainable.

    Mykyta Hrach
    Lead UX/UI Designer, Beetroot

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